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Fresh-Faced Blond-Boys Give It All Their Fuckin’ Worth With A Spunktastic Raw Fuck! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 11/May/2014
Duration: 25 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


They’re both as cute as new buttons, but don’t be fooled by either Chase Anderson or Alan Benfelen – behind all that ravishingly hot blondness there’s a whole tornado of sexual tension that is just desperate to be released! That’s clearly not something that’s going to bother our fans a great deal, if has to be said; and their prompt abandonment of dumbbells in favour of hardcore cock action is hardly going to be greeted with anything but a collection sigh of relief!

In truth, their efforts at exercise prior to this point are somewhat half-hearted to say the very least. But the release of all that uncut man-meat from those tight-fitting shorts is more than enough to spark head-on excitement, and before you’ll know what’s happening you’ll be enjoying the sight of two horny twinks giving it all their worth on the sofa! Indeed, we defy any of our fans not to be impressed by the top-and-tail session that ensues; though proceedings get only hotter when Anderson decides to stretch his mate’s pucker with a see-through sex-toy, in anticipation of the hard-natured fucking that he has planned for that hairless little fuck-hole.

What’s more, he doesn’t have very long to wait. Before you know it, Benfelen’s ass has relinquished the dildo and Anderson’s knob has taken its place! Needless to say, the horny young top takes full advantage of the situation, screwing his buddy in a variety of positions; before both guys lie back and jerk out the pent-up contents of their tight, fresh balls!

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Chase Anderson is a real keeper!

Tim USA, 11/May/2014

best I've ever seen

hornyscout, 11/May/2014

La perfection absolue a encore été atteinte dans cette scène exceptionnelle. Bravo

PASCALOUX, 11/May/2014

This was really hot. Both boys are extremely attractive but I couldn't stop staring at Chas; so handsome. ❤dr

dr2450, 12/May/2014

very hot video with 2 stunning models. But yet again we are seeing another video with clips missing, the pictures show a big black dildo being used, why was this clip not in the video???? We pay our monthly subs for this great website with some fantastic scenes with stunning models but why are we missing out on some scenes??? come on guys it's only far that you show us the whole scene, and not keep cutting bits out!!!

darren, 12/May/2014

It might not be that some bits ,e:g the black dildo scene ,are cut out ..perhaps they were only ever in the images and not used when the scene was filmed . I could be wrong but I'd imagine the pictures are done seperately from the video

StuartB, 12/May/2014

stuartb, thanks for that, you could be right. But if that is the case then staxus need to remember we are paying for this site, and if they are going to use such scenes for a photo shoot then they should also be in the film scene as well!!

darren, 12/May/2014

Hi guys! As I've mentioned before, we do the photo shoots prior to the video and we treat the photo galleries as separate from the video itself. More members than you might think love the photos as much as the video so we try to do them before so that the models are more relaxed, we have better lighting and so on. Sadly shooting them before the video means the action will not match 100% all the times (you can't make sure they repeat the same steps and action). I hope you understand!

Staxus - Andy, 13/May/2014

hi andy at staxus. Thanks for the explanation, I do understand that now. It would be nice to see a scene similar to this one with more toy fun and large dildo play as well as the fucking scenes. I do appreciate that it's difficult to please everybody all the time so I thank you again for your explanation.

darren, 15/May/2014

Who is the other blonde guy? I would love to see more of him but he is not mentioned in the "Featuring".

Danial, 15/July/2014

Danial if you read the text above the photo gallery it tells you who he is

HeidBanger69, 26/July/2014

Excellent clip by the way and at 25 mins long I fail to see what darren was moaning about. IMO we got more than our monies worth

HeidBanger69, 26/July/2014

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