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Scorchingly Hot Jacuzzi Threesome Turns Into A Five-Dicked Suck-&-Fuck-Fest! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 04/July/2014
Duration: 25 minutes, 19 seconds
Comments: 25


There are always those who complain that the youth of today are obsessed with sex and have absolutely no morals – to which we reply, thank fuck! Otherwise we wouldn’t ever get to produce seriously hot escapades such as this five-guy Jacuzzi suck-and-fuck-fest, and you horny wankers wouldn’t get to enjoy them! Seriously, we defy anyone who enjoys gay porn not to get totally carried away by the antics here, which includes pretty much everything that you could ever possibly wish for.

A horny threesome, some terrific spit-roasting, an almost unbelievable pile-fuck, and copious quantities of jizz – which you’d no doubt have good reason to expect given that there’s five pairs of balls to relieve at the end of the scene – are just some of the breathtaking highlights as Mike James, Sven Laarson and Ryan Olsen are joined by Jace Reed and Brad Fitt for a watery manifest of man-sex at arguably its very best. Indeed, if the sight of these five lads rutting like a pack of horny bitches in season doesn’t get you reaching for your zipper and tugging on your dick then may we respectfully suggest that the time has probably come for you to give up watching hardcore action so that you can concentrate on alternative pastimes – knitting, perhaps, or walking the dog!

Jokes aside, we predict spunk stains aplenty as ass after ass gets stretched to the max by raw dick, culminating in a circle wank and a terrific geyser-like eruption from every boy on-set. No question about it, this is gold-standard adult-only entertainment that your aching cock will surely never ever tire of!

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I loved it until too many guys get involved. I love the first part just the three and the ass to mouth made me crazy. But the guys are all cute so now I will look up here other vids.

bobby, 04/July/2014

Picture-ZIP - file not found !

Seal, 04/July/2014

Hi guys! We are fixing the photo zip gallery right away. Should be downloadable within the next 15-30 minutes.

Staxus - Andy, 04/July/2014

Happy 4th of July to all our American members! Have a great day guys!

Staxus - Andy, 04/July/2014

Cinq formidables minets en forme olympique ont été réunis dans cette scène exceptionnelle. Une expression française dit que la perfection n'est pas de ce monde, cette immense réalisation de JM prouve le contraire. Vos clients américains ont été gâtés pour leur fête nationale. Pour votre information, la fête nationale française est le 14/ juillet et, pour vos clients belges le 21 juillet.Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 04/July/2014

I think the images in the last episodes are blurred -since the new Staxus-Logo in the corner. The old images were much sharper. I hope You fix it.

simon, 04/July/2014

Lovely Boys, Lovely Venue, Lovely Slow Motion, Lovely New Site, I Love YOU Staxus xxxx.

Neville, 05/July/2014

Hi Simon! The images are quite large but they adjust according to your screen resolution (so does the entire site). This means if you have a smaller screen resolution, the images will be scaled down a bit to fit on your screen (hence they will get a bit blurry). If you download the photo gallery, the images will be at their natural size and look sharp. Cheers!

Staxus - Andy, 05/July/2014

Hi Andy ! Also in the Zip-files the images are not sharp, especially look at pic 23. I wish I had more images from the episodes, inclusive cumshot.

simon, 05/July/2014

Hi Simon! I will look into it and ask the guys to re-do the gallery and also add more photos.

Staxus - Andy, 06/July/2014

hot scene, all guys handsome and sexy, especiall my fav Brad Fitt.

robyrob1, 05/July/2014

Anything with Sven is great. I simply love this boy ! His smile makes me feel like butter ;) . The party on the pool was a very nice theme. The sex was also very enjoyable. I think there were too many boys on the pool but, ok, they had a great time.

Vaclav, 06/July/2014

The ass to mouth action and the daisy chain fucking was simply superb =D

biggerthebetter, 15/July/2014

Some super hot guys, but, sadly lacking good facial shots & cum sucking!

mwhisky, 13/February/2015

I started watching this scene while my partner was away on business but as soon as the 2 new lads joined the original 3, I stopped to wait for my partner to come back – he loves boy orgies so I decided to keep it as a little treat for his return. We watched it in bed last night while we were having some fun and then the pile fuck as you call it stopped us in our tracks. In all our years watching gay porn, we have never seen this before. We have several fuck train vids in our library where the boys in the train are on the floor or on a bed but we’ve never seen 4 boys climb on top of each other and ride like this. I think its fair to say the two of us just lay there absolutely stupefied. Three other things caught our attention – one of these lads has a right ball that seems to hang lower than his left which surely is very unusual. The lad second from the top in the pile has the most adorable hair pattern around his ass and upper thighs – really liked that. Finally, the lucky boy taking all that fab cum must have thought he’d died and gone to Heaven! We have a 4 boy orgy East Boys vid in our library. Three of the boys climb on top of each other similar to this vid but instead present their asses to the fourth boy for rimming – which he does with great gusto. It’s a very beautiful sight seeing three lovely boy holes being rimmed at the same time – very sexy. Might be an idea to incorporate into a future Staxus scene? All in all, a very original scene – one of the Staxus’ best in our view and definitely one for our library – we’ll be watching this again and again

docmoc, 10/March/2018

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