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Biker Boy Gives His Smooth, Horny Lover A Heavyweight, Open-Air Raw Fucking! HD

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Added: 07/July/2014
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It’s not without good reason that Tom Crua has been described as the new Zack Hood – tall, dark, dominant and sexy – and this fabulous scene with young Vadim Lust will do little to stem the fellow’s ever-growing fan-base. Mind, putting him in motorbike leathers at the start of the encounter will only add to the guy’s appeal – geez, you could almost blow your load watching him remove his crash-helmet! – and it’s no surprise at all that Lust lives up to his name and promptly heads south to feast on his boyfriend’s swollen ramrod.

It’s a response that Crua himself promptly replicates a few minutes later; but, having taken the chance at an initial introduction, both lads are soon laid out on the grass next to Crua’s bike and are taking the time to indulge in a more leisurely session of fellatio. For those who appreciate it, the presence of the bike almost serves as a third party in the act of fornication; but there are surely very few who will not be won over by the seductive mix of Crua’s brute masculinity and Lust’s totally hairless physique.

Indeed, there’s every strong possibility that plenty of pent-up jizz will have been spilt even before Crua takes full control of proceedings and first rims and then raw fucks his buddy’s ass-hole! If this does prove to be the case, however, the sight of Crua bashing Lust’s pucker up against the bike will surely give opportunity for a second blast – director John Smith capturing every disgusting, debauched detail for your peverse enjoyment! Needless to say, both guys are soon squirting copious ropes of spunk in exchange for a fist of Euros!