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Horny Biker Boys Relish An Outdoor Flip-Flop Suck-&-Fuck-Fest On The Back Of Their Machine! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 37)
Added: 11/July/2014
Duration: 28 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


Okay, so maybe his rather untraditional haircut is not going to be to everyone’s liking – some might even go so far as to say that he should sue his hair-stylist! – but there’s one thing that pretty much everyone can agree about regards Alexander Dorch and that’s that he’s a horny little runt who can’t keep his hands off other guys! Especially when those other guys are as gorgeous and fuckable as Shane Hirch, whose appeal in this scene is only intensified by the fact that he’s wearing a pair of leather motorbike chaps.

As such it should come as no surprise that Dorch is down on his buddy’s dick with almost lightning speed, slurping on Hirch’s ramrod with the kind of enthusiasm that you’d expect from a lad as sexed-up as himself. Not that Hirch is in any way less responsive, it must be said. Indeed, the dark-haired beauty is quickly returning the move in kind, playfully working on Dorch’s dick with a teasing, provocative manner that soon has his pal quite literally gagging for hardcore action. Having eagerly rimmed Hirch’s ass-hole, therefore, Dorch plonks himself down on his fuck-buddy’s lap in no time at all – allowing Hirch to quite literally fuck his brains out from below and (in the process) underwriting his slut-like credentials to a world-wide audience.

Not wanting to allow Dorch all the slice of the action, however, it’s not long before Hirch is urging a flip-flop response; before seemingly normal service is resumed and Dorch has his butt-hole pummelled on the back of Hirch’s bike! A move that promptly results in fine wads of jizz from both motorhead beauties!

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might have gotten by the fact it was a flip flop the stupid hairdo was just too much. I know you guys can all mock me

bobby, 11/July/2014

The punk(ish) hairdo is precisely what caught my eye about the georgeous Alexander. I absolutely loved this scene!! The mouth-watering Shane is also an "essential boy"...smashing hot. I loved the Jock Straps and other's been a while since I've seen such a satisfying vid. I do enjoy outdoor scenes SO much!! The photo gallery is a must! ;-)

existenz , 11/July/2014

Une très grande scène et j'aime beaucoup la coupe de cheveux d'Alexander. Je vais m'adresser une nouvelle fois à Monsieur ANDY pour le nouveau site : je constate ce jour que la moyenne des notes attribuées aux modèles reste très faible et ne reflète en aucun cas la réalité(exemple : les deux adorables minets que sont Sven LAARSON et Yuri ADAMOV reçoivent une note de 2.6/5). Il en est de même pour les scènes (exemple : la scène publiée le 04/07/2014 pour la fête nationale américaine est notée 2.6/5). Autant vous dire que quelqu'un qui ne connaît pas STAXUS et qui découvre de telles notes n'aurait pas forcément envie d'y adhérer. Cordialement .

PASCALOUX, 11/July/2014

I think "Alexander" is a pretty hot guy. I love his hair! And he has a sweet smile. Yamaha should use the last sixty seconds as an ad for their motorcycles. HA! Oh yea, the other dude was okay but "Alexander" was my fave.

JohnRHughes, 12/July/2014

I have to say I just went back to this vid and wish to say I was haste in my first review. Both boys are very cute and I kind of got over Alex's hair cut and concentrated on his very hot body long legs and likes taking it deep and raw up his ass pussy. I would love to see him back here soon.

bobby, 13/July/2014

On Alexander: what a ridiculous hair style, really! Not punk, not cool, not exotic - just plain ridiculous. Otherwise, actually one of the better scenes on Staxus lately! Nice models with good bodies and dicks, loved the variety in what they do (kissing, sucking, fucking, rimming, and particularly the flip-flop of course :-)

FunseekerHH, 15/July/2014

There are so many companies making really sexy underwear for men. Many of them give their product for free to gay porn companies to use in their videos. I think a few companies even pay the gay porn studios to exclusively feature their underwear. But Staxus uses cheaply made and ill-fitting underwear in many of their films that is simply not very sexy. This clip is a good example.

trex, 25/August/2014

Very hot scenes. I prefer to see young studs in a little clothing rather than completely naked. Much more sexy.

sxad67, 08/October/2014

Shane is too much beautiful: elegant, with a Masculinity sweet and strong. A Boy to simply religiously worship.

PaoloRome, 09/November/2014

sorry, but I wrote things that I do not think

PaoloRome, 09/November/2014


PaoloRome, 15/February/2015

this is hot loving shane hirch his so fit and sexy

shyboy, 09/December/2015

Very hot boys in a very hot video. Loved the sex on a bike and the rimming! Yes, please, would love to rim them both, not to mention the fucking! Makes me horny!!

Ryan, 23/January/2016

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