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Hot, Horny Wank Turns Into An Even Hotter, Hornier Fuck For These Two Raw Biker Twinks! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 30)
Added: 17/July/2014
Duration: 22 minutes, 32 seconds
Comments: 25


Being around motorbikes all day has left young Shane Hirch feeling very much on the frisky side – so much so, in fact, that he’s laid out in a chair having a wank when Sven Laarson walks in on him wearing nothing more than a rather provocative pair of pants! It’s a turn of events that can clearly have only one effect on the handsome young lad, and as such it will come as no surprise at all to see him immediately reach for Laarson’s crotch so that he can gobble down on his mate’s hairless crotch!

What’s more, Laarson doesn’t display any sign of resistance – evidently savouring the delicious feel of Hirch’s tight lips on his dick and groaning and gasping in delight! As a result, it’s no time at all before the two beauties are engaged in a rather unusual session of 69-ing, which sees Laarson briefly hanging over Hirch’s head – a sight that’s almost worth the price of the scene in itself. Don’t bolt your load in excitement too soon, however; for having then greedily rimmed Hirch’s hairy ass, the blond lad subsequently sinks his generously-sized ramrod straight into his dark-haired mate’s fuck-hole, signalling the beginning of a truly fabulous session of hardcore, rubber-free fornication!

Needless to say, Hirch’s ass gets stretched in a series of positions; before he finally succumbs to the inevitable and spews a deliriously hot blast of man-cream all over his six-pack. Evidently unsatisfied, he then encourages Laarson to splatter his face with spunk – a fitting finale to a five-star display!

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Good / Cutting edge. Nice and crisp models. = good job. Thanks for it.

Christiian, 17/July/2014

Very good vid, after Shane's last vid I was hot to see him fucked silly again and he was, I love ass to mouth and a lot of reverse cowboy and helpless flopping cock my shane. I got it all. Shane know how to keep his hangs of the flopping meat as he gets fucked. He understands it's about me watching his juicy cock and that big one in his ass. I think what make me love Shane in this is he lools like a top that just had the tables turned. Anyway how do I report a bad vid. I was looking around at old Vids and saw a very hot twink named Ariel Varga, His first vid for Staxus and by all the commenst his best of the two he did won't play for me. Has to be the vid cuz I watch everything else.

bobby, 17/July/2014

Hi Bobby! If you come across videos that don't have download links or won't stream, please report them here: - we will quickly fix them. Thank you!

Staxus - Andy, 17/July/2014

Very hot indeed! :-) Nice sucking, rimming and fucking action in lots of nice and partially exotic positions, also filmed very well from great perspectives. Two hard dicks throughout the clip... and a nice facial at the end. Loved that! And how could someone not enjoy Sven Laarson... a cutie and hot stud at once! 5/5 and a new favorite for me!

Nympho_Maniac, 17/July/2014

Aucun adjectif, aucun superlatif n'est assez fort pour les attribuer à cette scène exceptionnelle. Cependant, je constate avec consternation que SVEN qui est pourtant l'un des plus beaux minets du porno gay et tous sites confondus est noté ce jour 3.4/5. Décidément, Monsieur ANDY, il y a un véritable problème avec les notes des modèles et des meilleures scènes dans le nouveau site.

PASCALOUX, 17/July/2014

Loved the eyes and the smiles at the end of the vid.

Neville, 17/July/2014

Sorry Staxus Andy, but your support sight won't recognize me. I'll live with out the vid.

bobby, 17/July/2014

Hi Bobby! The support system doesn't have the same login credentials as your Staxus account, you'll have to register there as well!

Staxus - Andy, 18/July/2014

As always, too many odd angles and close-ups and not enough uninterrupted filming of a (great-looking) boy getting fucked.

Alex, 11/January/2017

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