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Football Kick-About Turns Into A Raw Fuckathon For Three Over-Sexed, Well-Hung Twinks! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 91)
Added: 16/August/2014
Comments: 25


There’s a very good chance that the first thing you’ll notice in this scene – other than the fact that Sven Laarson is gorgeous (as ever!) – is that he’s actually not too unskilled with a football. Perhaps if things had been different he might even have turned professional. Fortunately for us all, sport’s loss is gay porn’s gain; and having proved his worth on the field of play he’s keen to prove himself with balls of a very different nature – on this occasion provided by Yuri Adamov and their diminutive pal, Darko Simic.

As a result, the action quickly transfers to the bedroom, where all three lads are soon clean forgetting about the rules of the beautiful game and concentrating instead on the pleasures of three beautiful, uncut dicks! Centre-action of which, it would seem, appears to be Simic’s meaty ramrod, which Laarson and Adamov take great delight in pleasuring together; before Laarson succumbs to temptation and, having eagerly rimmed Simic beforehand, begins to ride his buddy’s raw shaft like it’s his dying act!

From which point onwards events very quickly descend into a veritable frenzy of mindless bareback fornication. Simic fucks Laarson ... Simic fucks Laarson, who simultaneously fucks Adamov ... Adamov gets fucked by Simic ... Laarson fucks Adamov ... the combinations appear almost endless! But it’s the spunk-tastic finale that surely warrants greatest acclaim – most notably that of Simic himself, who quite literally whitewashes Adamov’s face in the process. If this horny escapade doesn’t do the trick then (with respect) what the fuck will?!

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always had a thing for serbians :) welcum Darko :)

marko, 16/August/2014

Excellent Ass-to-mouth scene!

Boylicker, 16/August/2014

This is the best porn I have ever seen. Everything was perfect. All 3 three guys are amazingly hot and feedback wise, I love Darko and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of him. Whoever writes the little description for the scenes(Andy/Michael/John), you weren't wrong about the whitewash, what a load!! Absolutely amazing. Thanks guys.

Funtime, 16/August/2014

Awesome scene! I second Boylicker's comment. Love the ass to mouth, the end was excellent with Darko first licking Sven's cock clean and then ate the cum right out of Yuri's ass. I especially love ATM when the twinks get to taste each others asses =D and twinks eating creampies out of each other that's even hotter!

biggerthebetter, 16/August/2014

Congratulations ! This trio is one of the best ever seen on Staxus : the new guy Darko is great and so promising. He is cute and can do everything. Loved as well when he eats Sven's cum directly out of Yuri's opened hole = Hot, hot, hot ! Great scene. Thanks to all !

Christian, 16/August/2014

Il n'y a pas assez d'étoiles dans votre système de notation ni assez de superlatifs dans la langue française( pourtant très riche) pour les décerner à cette sensationnelle réalisation. John SMITH et son équipe ont franchi un nouveau pallier dans la perfection pornographique. Darko est un très séduisant jeune homme qui a fait des débuts très prometteurs. Yuri est un adorable petit minet à croquer et toujours en forme olympique dans toutes ses apparitions. Quant à Sven, il est l'un des minets les plus mignons du porno gay à l'heure actuelle et tous sites confondus. Je suis en 2014 abonné toute l'année chez STAXUS et le serai à nouveau en 2015 compte tenu des immenses réalisations que vous offrez régulièrement à votre clientèle. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 16/August/2014

Hot scene but what is it with the weird underwear? As if that is what 2 young guys would be wearing for a kickabout in the park! Really off-putting.

Mike, 16/August/2014

One of the best staxus scenes!

m, 17/August/2014

Now this is what I call a perfect scene! You have gathered the 3 ideal models for a three-way. Sven Laarson is still adorable and Yuri is getting sexier everytime... Next time make it heaven and throw in Darryl Declan -I'm kidding, it really was very good. The underwear looks gorgeous on the models. Andrew Christian et al. 5 stars!

existenz, 17/August/2014

Ok I will be the only negative response. I love all the boys. They all make great bottoms. But I get nothing out of watching a group grope by three bottoms. I watched the vid but unlike many others I watch here I wouldn't watch it again. But I do hope to see all three boys in other vids.

bobby, 17/August/2014

Loved the kick around and the smiles from the Boys as they went about their beautiful performance. Welcome Darko you were great and will look forward to more from you. Staxus you still come up with new moves and stories that keep me glued to your excellent site.

Neville, 18/August/2014

Simply adorable the way Yuri and Sven started this very sexy scene. I'm talking about what they did with Darko before penetration. Adorable the way they did it !

Vaclav, 19/August/2014

j ai adorer cette scene j adore Yuri Adamov

toinou, 21/August/2014

pure Nobility !!!

PaoloRome, 11/February/2015

nobles Creatures !

PaoloRome, 11/February/2015


PaoloRome, 12/February/2015

i wrote Nonsense.

PaoloRome, 15/February/2015

Wow!! Great scene with sexy boys. Great whitewashing of Yuri's gaping hole and cum eating from ass by Darko. Great spurting of jizz into Yuri's face and post orgasm sucking at the end. Well done guys!

Ryan, 20/July/2017

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