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Shane Hirch Gives His Footballing Rival A Hard, Raw Fucking – Not To Mention A Sticky Facial! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 57)
Added: 12/August/2014
Duration: 22 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


Brazil and Argentina have always had a very long and colourful rivalry on the football pitch, but Shane Hirch and Johny Cruz are determined to bring the two countries together when they don the respective shirts of these two South American giants for a friendly kick-about. Indeed, they appear to maintain more for sporting diplomacy in the space of a few minutes than is usually achieved in your average lifetime given that they’ve soon abandoned the ball in favour of a rather intimate rapprochement – ripping off their shirts (the apparent symbols of their differences) and enjoying a long, lingering session of open-air French kissing whilst dressed in nothing more than their jocks!

Sadly, any hope for an outdoor union between these two handsome beauties is promptly scuppered by the arrival of a heavy, tropical downpour; but by this point both fellows have very clearly been carried away by the passion of the moment, and before you know it they’re engaged in a rigorous session of mutual cock-sucking and ass-rimming. So sit back, relax, unzip – and enjoy the sight of these two beauties engaging in a fabulous kitchen-floor romp that’ll quite easily blow your dick into a premature frenzy!

Indeed, there really is a genuine risk that you’ll have spilled a significant wad of ball-juice long before Hirch finally mounts Cruz’s hungry little ass-hole. No need to worry, however. This superb display of bareback copulation is more than capable of delivering a subsequent blow-out from most fans; and by the time these boys are wanking out their creamy climaxes (most notably Hirch into Cruz’s face!) the chances are your balls will be totally spent!

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such a hot scene! well done John Smith. just one question: just noticed that Shane doesnt have a "exclusive model" tag anymore. is he still in business?

marko, 12/August/2014

Hi Marko! We still have scenes with Shane that will appear on Staxus in August and September, however he didn't want to continue with an exclusive contract with us.

Staxus - Andy, 12/August/2014

Une scène de très haut niveau qui mérite d'être notée 5/5. Il y aura 32 ans le 18 août prochain que j'ai visionné pour la première fois du porno gay et je confirme que John SMITH est et de très loin le meilleur réalisateur que j'ai connu au cours de ces 32 années.

PASCALOUX, 12/August/2014

thanks for your answer, Andy. best wishes to you and staxus team

marko, 12/August/2014

Nice!! Shane is beautiful and Johny is an expert at taking cock. Loved it around about the 17 minute mark when Shane is pummelling Johny from underneath. Good work guys!! Thank to

Funtime, 13/August/2014

Good guys fucking well. J ohny Cruz is an always favorite and versatile Shane does a good job here, exclusive or not . Thanks for it !

Christian, 16/August/2014

Awasome scene! Very exciting to see them in sport wear and hot jockstraps. It's a pity it rained because it had been a nice outdoor video.

JAGarcia, 27/September/2014

Famtastic ! Two Angels. Shane penetrate divinely and has a hairy delicious Ass !!!!!!!!!

PaoloRome, 09/November/2014

my God, Shane penetrate and enjoy as God !!

PaoloRome, 09/November/2014

Two superb sodomite Boys. Their Orgasm and their Ejaculation is simply elegant, aristocratic, pure, holy.

PaoloRome, 09/November/2014

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PaoloRome, 09/November/2014

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PaoloRome, 12/February/2015

Shane is delicious. Its doggy Penetration is amazing: look at his Eyes, in total sexual Ecstasy. Superb. Then, have a wonderful Ass, manly, hairy: to kiss, lick and worship for Hours. It fucks like God. His Shoots, then, superb: copiuos, very stylish: A SPLENDID SPECIMEN OF A YOUNG MALE HUMAN. (of course, Johnny is gorgeous as always).

PaoloRome, 12/February/2015

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