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Soccer-Crazy Pals Relish A Sweaty, High-Octane Suck-And-Fuck-Fest In Their Jocks! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 63)
Added: 26/August/2014
Duration: 27 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


STAXUS favourites Yuri Adamov and Shane Hirch may not exactly see eye to eye as to which South American national team is best – Brazil or Argentina – but there’s one thing they can agree on and that’s that there’s nothing hotter than a little man-on-man interaction in the locker-room, be it before, after or even during a game! A point that they’re only too willing to highlight to the entire world during the course of this truly spunktastic scene – and one that you will almost surely agree with without exception!

Mind, when you’ve got beauties like these two fellows to admire there’s little danger of a counter-argument, particularly when both lads are donning football kits and jockstraps and are each (quite evidently) as horny as fuck! Indeed, we defy anyone with even just a passing interest in gay porn not to have their dick in their hand by the time these guys are out of their strips and engaging in a fevered session of mutual cock-sucking; and chances are that a copious amount of jizz will have already been spilled even before young Adamov lands his twinkish frame down onto Hirch’s thick, manly, uncut dick!

Never fear, however – the energetic act of raw copulation that ensues is easily sufficient to warrant more than just the one load from you filthy-minded wankers. Indeed, the sight of Adamov being rigorously banged in a series of positions, before taking Hirch’s load on the lips, is more than enough to get even the most impotent of admirers into a veritable frenzy! All in all, a top-notch sporting classic that’s got oodles of cum written all over it!

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Yuri Adamov j adore cet acteur bonne petite chaudasse qui fait nous fais bander

toinou, 26/August/2014

Loved it loved the jocks especially Yuri in the red one. Oh what ever you do don't put Yuri and Jaye in the same vid getting pounded my hot tops. Having to see both their juicy suckable nipples will kill me. Gave it a 5 but would have but I could have done without the silly face paint. The ending ass to mouth put me over the edge. and Yuri you got the hair right.

bobby, 26/August/2014

really good episode,two hot boys having a good time. but I still want a private hour alone to worship yuris nipples, yummy!!!!!

patmiky, 26/August/2014

Oh, yes , pat milky, don't you just want to suck them right off his chest. I am still waiting for some top to clip them, and tug on the chains connecting them as Yuri rides the cock. I even offer to direct the scene.

bobby, 26/August/2014

Bien que très bonne, cette scène de John SMITH n'atteint pas la perfection absolue à laquelle je suis habitué. Si le choix des modèles et la qualité de l'image sont excellents, au plan porno et surtout sur les séquences de pénétration, je n'ai pas vu le grand John SMITH habituel. J'ose espérer qu'il ne s'agit que d'un faux pas.

PASCALOUX, 26/August/2014

Yuri is so beautiful.

plbc71, 28/August/2014

A little bit disappointed with this. For me, Shane has to be more dominant with Yuri and it is never a good thing when you don't see the start of the money shot(for Shane). This will be one of very few of Yuri's scenes that doesn't go into my favourites.

Funtime, 31/August/2014

What a funny sport scene! Specially with the athletic Shane in a hot jockstrap and his soccer socks and boots. Very nice jockstrap play and fucking.

JAGarcia, 03/September/2014

simply: two superb, delicious, noble Creatures, as religiously worship !!

Paolo (Rome), 30/September/2014

Especially like Shane Hirsch,he`s so handsome and has a greatful body and dick-I always jerk off in a short time when watching him...

Chris, 01/October/2014

i wrote Nonsense

PaoloRome, 15/February/2015

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