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Biker Boys Move Hard & Fast For A High-Revved Raw Fuck & A Very Full-On Facial! HD

4.0/5 (Total votes: 47)
Added: 11/September/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 10 seconds
Comments: 25


Hey, we all know that bikers like to move fast – sometimes dangerously so – but Billy Rubens must be up for some kind of record at the start of this scene when he makes a move on young bottle-blond, Jacob Daniels. Why, the ever-horny Latvian has barely taken breath to sit down on his buddy’s bed before he’s slipping out of his leather jacket and smooching Daniels on the lips! Still, as any biker will tell you, there’s no point hanging about – and before you know it he’s openly fondling his mate’s dick, before engaging in a very rigorous oral investigation of Daniels’ most intimate quarters.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a turn of events that very quickly has his mate feeling hyper-horny; and in no time at all the fresh-faced blond is eagerly returning the favour, feasting on Rubens’ knob and (no doubt) getting all excited and wet at the prospect of enjoying the full length of that handsome and well-used phallus in his ass! A prospect that the youngster doesn’t have to wait upon too long, it must be said. Not that that will come as any surprise given the speed with which Rubens made his initial move.

In fact, the guy from Riga is soon thrusting every inch of his dick deep inside Daniels’ guts – a move that’s clearly appreciated by the dirty-minded bottom, who then proceeds to savour a rigorous penetration in a whole succession of positions! And it’s in keeping with the overall speed of proceedings that both lads are soon whipped up to a creamy crescendo; the highlight of which is almost unquestionably that of Rubens energetically creaming over Daniels’ face!

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Welcome to Staxus, Jacob. It's your debut, and all I can say is that I enjoyed so much to see you with Billy. Loved the interaction between both of you and, specially, the way he grabbed your left leg from 17th minute ;)) . Loved it so much ! . Hope to see more of you, Jacob.

Vaclav, 11/September/2014

Great to see Billy embracing bareback sex, but who can blame him? Once you fucked raw, there's no way you can return rubbers hey Billy? Next step is for Billy to deliver a creampie in his bottoms pussy!! Great British btw too!!

whatsacondom, 11/September/2014

Something off putting about Jacob. looked at the stills and that was enough, I passed on the clip. Sorry.

bobby, 11/September/2014

Then you missed a very good new bottom boy Bobby. Dont always judge a book by its cover !!

Michael - Staxus, 12/September/2014

Jacob is a welcome addition to the site and he definitely has a nice cock. It says that he's versatile as a some of the twinky looking guys are. Would like to see him top to see if he's as good a top as he is a bottom. Would love to see him paired with Mickey Taylor as well.

Funtime, 12/September/2014

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