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Young, Wannabe Photographer Gets His Ass-Hole Fully Charged By Two Sexy, Well-Hung Studs! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 114)
Added: 27/October/2014
Duration: 32 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


Alan Benfelen, clearly fancies himself as a bit of a whizz-kid behind the camera, making the most of an opportunity to conduct an underwear shoot with STAXUS favourite, Jaro Stone, and fellow newbie, Arthur Kral. But, as so often appears to happen when you get three horny, young lads together in one place with too much time to kill, it’s not too long before it’s shooting of a very different nature that begins to take precedence!

Not that our dirty-minded fans will be complaining too much about the turn of events. Seeing gorgeous guys in their pants is unarguably hot, but seeing them strip out of their pants is almost certainly even hotter! And with a kinky boy like Benfelen sandwiched between Stone and Kral on a sofa, take it from us that it’s no time at all before those briefs are being kicked to one side so that all three fellows can take advantage of all the hard, swollen male flesh that’s on display in that room! Not for the first time, it has to be said, Stone’s oversized shaft seems to draw the very keenest attention – understandably so! – as the three fellows take turns in pleasuring each other; before Benfelen finally gives in to his primeval urges, sits on Stone’s knob and rides it for all that it’s worth!

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Kral then proceeds to give Stone a blow-job every time that the top’s dick slips out of the well-greased hole! It’s kinky, it’s exciting – and it’s not surprising that Kral soon wants his own piece of that cute, hungry ass! Cue a fantastic share-and-shag session that sees Benefelen banged like a fuck-doll, before busting his nuts big time and then taking the loads of both his mates over his sweet face!

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I gave 5 stars to this video because the models are breathtaking; especially Alan and Arthur are really cute, handsome and sexy young guys and being paired with Jaro was a good choice! I hope to see more of Alan and Arthur in the future!

Andi, 27/October/2014

Staxus ~"CLASSIC".....Super Boys especially our own exclusive model Jaro...Clear lighting...Beautiful action and smiles to end a perfect show.

Neville, 27/October/2014

Wow, directly got a hard dick and cremaped off quickly.Such cute boys..especially like the scenes when beeing sucked and rimmed!

Chris, 27/October/2014

OMG This was so hot. The boys were gorgeous. 5 stars and in my Favorites. One of the best @staxus The filming. The lighting. The boys all perfect ❤dr @dr2450

dr24, 27/October/2014

Excellent! Very pretty models, all seemed very passionate and into everything they were doing, and lots of ass to mouth - great intense porn sex, the models look so sweet and almost too pretty for porn :P but yet they are excellent performers with a very naughty side =) Arthur has an amazing ass and very nice pink butthole, which looks even nicer with a big cock in it =D

biggerthebetter, 27/October/2014

oops, meant Alan's ass in the previous post :P I forgot to add that besides this being a fantastic scene I really loved the lenght of this clip 33 minutes vs the standard 21-23 minutes it made the scene even more enjoyable =) I understand that in some scenes there might not be good enough material for a 30 min clip or longer, but like in this case I'm very glad that it didn't get edited down to eg 22 minutes then we would have missed out on tonnes of great action. Keep up the excellent work staxus team =)

biggerthebetter, 27/October/2014

Cette scène exceptionnelle contraste du tout au tout avec les réalisations moyennes qui ont été proposées la semaine dernière. Cette vidéo atteint la perfection absolue sur tous les points : -au plan porno, c'est excellent d'un bout à l'autre ; - les trois modèles sont sublimes et passionnés ; - la qualité d'image de ce clip est parfaite. J'espère voir le plus souvent possible de telles réalisations qui permettraient à STAXUS de devenir le meilleur site à jeunes modèles sur internet. Félicitations pour cet excellent travail.

Pascaloux, 27/October/2014

Not a terrible threeway. Bout damn time! Arthur Kral could have used some manscaping around his hole area but fortunately there wasn't much close ups of that bushy grossness. I give the effort a B. :o)

PornSnob, 27/October/2014

I'm with Pornsnob, it was ok, maybe a little better. But to be a great clip I have to want to see it again and again. I don't. Looking forward to seeing the boys again though..

bobby, 27/October/2014

Great ihnibited good looking guys, with nice bodies, skin, and reasonable tatoos. The sex is hot and the ass to mouth is absolutely hot ! Probably just misses a good cum in ass, but this would be for next time... Thanks.

Christian, 28/October/2014

WOW!! So this is what perfection looks like. Well done to all involved, models, producers and the rest of the team. All 3 models are beautiful and Alan and Arthur are great additions. Looking forward to seeing them again. Perfect 5/5 for me.

Funtime, 28/October/2014

One question : in the model biography, why you no longer or do nto update the model details ? I think many of us like to know about the guys : age, country where they come from + a few other basic things... For Arthur and alan : O / empty !

Christian, 28/October/2014

one of the best scenes ever here on staxus

thomas, 28/October/2014

Well the votes are in and I'm in trouble, everyone love this one and I thought it was just ok. Now I can look forward to more of the same. But it's important to please as many as possible.

bobby, 28/October/2014

at last the old lost essence of the staxus of Vlado Iresch!! I was fed up with British guys and ugly boys!

mike, 29/October/2014

Jaro Stone is sizzling hot as always, and Arthur Kral is a great new add with a very beautiful face and perfect body as well. Like many members, I'd love to see a bit more "rough" action, like energetic pounding, cream pies, double fucks etc... but still this is great porn with perfect models, filmed at highest technical level. Loved it! :)

Nymphomaniac_Funseeker, 29/October/2014

Alan was born to be a bareback bottom :-)

whatsacondom, 11/November/2014

Great scene, more scenes with Jaro please, he's really hot

FSROLLINS, 16/November/2014

Very good scene. Please give us the same one every week !!!!!!

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

very hot scene! Jaro has got an ass to die for.

chupollas, 01/January/2015

Jaro is outrageous. Quite simply the hottest guy I've ever seen.. Period. I would love to plant myself on his hot lap and spin around for a half hour or so.

Jamie Nicholas, 01/February/2017

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