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Flip-Flop Fucking Fantasy As Two Über-Sexy Studs Turn Model Shoot Into A Cum-Tastic Frenzy HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 83)
Added: 29/October/2014
Comments: 25


Come on, let’s be perfectly honest here, when you have two models like Carl Ross and Sam Williams in a scene then there’s not really a great deal more to be said! After all, both these lads are feckin’ gorgeous in their own right, and we suspect that most of our fans could quite easily watch either of them for hours upon end without having the slightest desire to do anything else! As such, it’s probably quite fitting that there’s nothing but a white background to this stupendous coupling. No dramatic backdrops, no swimming pools or sun-kissed beaches! Just two über-sexy young men doing explicit things with each other, with only a plastic chair for company!

If that sounds boring then, believe us, you’re missing the point. Ross and Williams are a pair of blond and brunette sex-gods (respectively), and they will quite literally squeeze every last drop of jizz out of your balls just by being there! So sit back, relax, unzip ... and enjoy every single moment of these gorgeous creatures sucking, rimming and (eventually) fucking each other like a couple of over-sexed dingos on heat.

Picking a favourite is almost impossible – unless, of course, you have a propensity to a darker or blonder guy – but again, that’s just part and parcel of the scene’s magic. Suffice it to say that we defy any gay guy – and we really do mean any gay guy! – to see these two divine animals in full rut and not to respond with a well-worked wank (or more!) in spunky appreciation. In short, the closest thing to heaven that you’re ever likely to see this side of paradise!

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as a rule I get off on skinny twinks, but these two boys pushed all my buttons in this scene.!!!!! well done everyone.

patmiky, 29/October/2014

This has to be a highlight of the month, if not the year! Both of these boys are so gorgeous it's unreal! More of them please ;)

Tommy, 29/October/2014

Awesome! Very hot athletic (not skinny) boys. The scene had been more exciting with some foreplay in the speedos! It's a pity that the speedos part has been showed in fast camera. I hope to see Sam Williams soon again.

JAGarcia, 29/October/2014

Excellent! Superb models...real guys...not skinny marionettes!

ChrisR, 29/October/2014

3-3,5/5 very nice models and they seemed very into eachother. Sam is stunning, but to me he has a little too much hair around his ass. This scene would be taken to the next level if they used some nice and big anal toys on each other =) I was looking forward today to an update with some more of the scenes from the dominican republic, but I guess I have to wait :P

biggerthebetter, 29/October/2014

Une excellente scène. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 29/October/2014

Sorry, not much here for me, Sam has potential but overall I won't be watching this one again. They might make nice tops for some cute twinks though but I won't hold my breath waiting for that.

bobby, 29/October/2014

i love it! i am so happy to see Czech models again! i guess i am in minority of those members who arent excited about Dominican models

marko, 29/October/2014

No Marko not everyone is into the black models, I for one only like to watch then fucking the hell out of dumb white boys, lol, the twinker the better. I'm learning here we all like different things.

bobby, 29/October/2014

at last the old lost essence of the staxus of Vlado Iresch!! I was fed up with British guys and ugly boys!

mike, 29/October/2014

I prefer both of the models in the bottom role, would love to see Carl bottom for a really big cock (no flip-flop just him bottoming through out the scene) =)

biggerthebetter, 29/October/2014

I prefer both in top role....for example do double p with johny cruz...that could be amazing!

BB, 31/October/2014

Great scene and GREAT that Sam is hairy from the waist down and especially around his hole - please don't make him shave anything! We like men to be men!

furfix555, 31/October/2014

These two hot guys are really an awesome addition to your model group..They look great together and are HOT thanks

deekster, 01/November/2014

Great scene here. Both guys are gorgeous and the often seen contrast between a hot Blond guy and a tenebrous dark haired one is at Best here ! Both are so hot, great flip flop and the interacting is very sexy. Hope to see more of Sam soon.

Christian, 02/November/2014

Saw a clip of this on a tube site, decided to check out Staxus and joined. Amazingly hot scene, beautiful passionate men, great camera work and lighting, very raunchy with no holding back. Keep scenes like this cumming and I'll keep cumming back. Thanks for truly beautiful porn.

prnlvr, 08/November/2014

Boring again ..........

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

Many thanks for this.....being new here, and in a sense only passing through, I have to say the quality and the sheer sex appeal of ALL the models is amazing. I love just about everything, what I don't like is the negatives that are sometimes stated ( by the same people) over and over again. Come these guys are sexy, attractive, and, ( having worked in this industry) bloody hard working. Give them a break this site is the best there is, get over yourselves, we are all entitled to an opinion.

John Hammer, 08/January/2015

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