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Sam Williams Takes Directions, Then Gives A Horny Pup A Raw, Cum-Soaked Fuck in Return! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 98)
Added: 12/November/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


Young, floppy-haired skaterboy, Richie Hajek, might like to come across as all fresh-faced and innocent, but it clearly doesn’t fool the more worldly-wise Sam Williams when the two of them quite literally bump into each other in Prague. Yep, the older, darker-haired stud seems to instinctively have this pup summed up right from the start; and it clearly comes as no surprise to Williams when he finds himself invited back to Hajek’s apartment so that the two of them can get to know each other better. And by that we mean much, much better! Indeed, the two chaps have hardly taken breath before they’re stripping off and sucking on each other’s cocks 69-style – as you do with folks you’ve only just met!

But what else would you expect from this pairing? Williams, a highly-sexed top, who quite literally can’t wait to plunge his knob into the nearest available hole; and Hajek, whose ass is screaming out for a good old-fashioned stretching. Suffice it to say that it’s not long before Williams is playing out his dominance by rimming his new-found buddy’s pucker, in anticipation of the red-raw pounding that he’ll shortly be providing; and true to expectation, that’s exactly what the pretty-faced cutie soon gets!

Needless to say, what ensues is a truly terrific, spunk-inducing sex-fest, which sees Williams give the lad exactly what he wants and deserves; culminating in him creaming in Hajek’s ass and pushing the jizz inside with one final volley of hip-jerking thrusts. Little wonder the winsome, blue-eyed kid looks like the cat who’s got the cream as he spurts his own fine wad!

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sam is just devine ! & Richie is not far behind. great scene, good finish. well done. !!

patmiky, 12/November/2014

hot hot hot!!!! scene more of richie please please. he is wonderful. lovely arse . well done best scene for a long while.

mackenzielad, 12/November/2014

Richie is so hot, and his hole is to die for. more of him please :) Also is why dont Staxus add info onto the models profiles anymore?

Bobcat, 12/November/2014

Pretty models, but this scene is kinda of bleek in comparison to many of the scenes realeased on staxus the last months. My favorite part was when Sam rimmed Richie, and the end part of the missionary position when Sam started to pound Richie faster and deeper. Other than that to me this scene was a bit dull and nothing special :( 2/5

biggerthebetter, 12/November/2014

Richie is plenty cute but looks a bit rough. He could use a haircut and some twinksvaping. Maybe he could spend some time with Kamyk and teach him how to give a blow job. I do hope to see more of Richie. Sam is smokin hot, don't change a thing except how to give a decent blow job as well. ❤dr

dr24, 12/November/2014

Richie is very hot and I can't wait to see a lot more of him, though I think he would look even better if he got rid of the pubes9justmy opinion as I prefer hairless guys). I can see Richie becoming a favourite of mine!!

Funtime, 12/November/2014

Cette scène est exceptionnelle. Je suis actuellement abonné sur sept sites différents dont certains sont mondialement connus et je peux affirmer qu'aucun de ces sites ne fait mieux que STAXUS quand celui-ci propose de telles réalisations. Sam est un jeune homme aussi viril que séduisant et Richie est un adorable petit minet à croquer. Ce petit Richie, il faut le mettre en action le plus souvent possible, il est sublime.

Pascaloux, 12/November/2014

Richie : what a cute you are ! Loved to see your first scene on Staxus. You're adorable, but i think you know that ;) . I would say you're almost...perfect. Expect to see a lot more of you on Staxus ! Don't go away...give us more. We can see that you looooove sex (we saw it on your eyes when being fucked). Sam had a great time with you... and we did too watching both of you. So, Staxus, more more more of Richie

Vaclav, 12/November/2014

Hot scene with a great look of hairy Sam topping smoother twink Richie. Like to see more of that action. Also Richie needs no manscaping at all. A tag team of Sam and hunky Tom Crua on Richie or Tim Law might be nice.

Bigcat, 13/November/2014

I want to see Richie as a top. These 2 models are hot but the scene is too lazy for me, I'm disappointed.

FSROLLINS, 13/November/2014

il faut plein plein de scénes de richie il est trops sexy 100% HOT

toinou, 13/November/2014

Wow, which heaven did Sam Williams fall from? What a sexy hunk! When he first appears in this scene, already his face promises a sex bomb! :-)) Already loved him in his first Staxus scene in October. Action wise, this clip is not the most extraordinary Staxus has ever done, but with this hot new model (and cute sweetie Richie Hajek) it's definitely worth watching. And Sam fucking his cream into Richie's hole when he finishes definitely adds to the attraction for me. Almost a 5 star scene! :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 13/November/2014

Good to see Richie finally in a scene after you guys teased us with pictures of him on facebook. Just wonder why sweet Richie is not an exclusive?

secondsky, 14/November/2014

Sam william has all for him. Super look, muscular hairy body, he knows it all and he is as good in an active or passive role. his partner here has a hot ass and the cum final is so exiting, although a bit short. Definitely a super scene !

christian, 29/November/2014

Everybody is going on about Richie but there are thousands of them here. It is a breath of fresh air to see a REAL man like Sam Williams here, with pubes and no hideous bodily graffitti which I thought was compulsary with Staxus. Please don't shave it off

johnny63, 02/December/2014

Sam is surely one of your best recent finds Here again he shows us his many talents in an active role with a very passive partner who willingly invites a great final cum shot' that could have been 20 seconds longer A VERY HOT SCENE WITH DEDICATED SEXY GUYS.

christian, 02/December/2014

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