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Horny Masseur Gives Sam Williams A Total Body Rubdown – And A Hard, Raw Fuck! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 79)
Added: 24/November/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 23 seconds
Comments: 25


Shane Barret can do wonders with a scented candle and a silk scarf – as Sam Williams can testify after encountering the young masseur in this horny little episode. Not that either the candle or the scarf really get a look-in past the first few moments of the scene – Barret’s attention having quickly become firmly fixated on his client’s magnificent rump, which he proceeds to massage and manipulate like warm balls of dough. It’s enough to make a grown man like Williams cry with pleasure; but matters only intensify when the fellow flips himself over to expose the thick, veiny shaft that he’s had nestling beneath him all the time.

Needless to say, Barret’s massaging skills from that point onwards centre very much on that said fabulous appendage; working it initially with his hands, but then very quickly with his tongue and lips. It’s a fabulous display from the youngster, that’s for sure, and it’s no small wonder that it soon works the older fellow into quite a frenzy. Hence it’s no time at all before the two are 69-ing away like a couple of desert-dogs on heat – Williams eagerly rimming his buddy’s ass-hole in the process.

Not that it’s Barret’s fuck-hole that’s destined to get the prime attention, however. Instead, prepare yourself for the sight of Williams riding the masseur’s pole like there’s no tomorrow, and getting his ring massaged good and proper (not to mention whitewashed!) in the process. No question about it, this is a fellow who literally gets every inch of his body rubbed in this escapade; climaxing in him creaming Barret’s face for good measure!

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very hot scene ! so much skin on skin contact was exciting, & the dark background showed off the guys bodies & actions really well. loved the cum shots as well . 5/5 from me.!

patmiky, 24/November/2014

Yes, great stuff! :-)) Is this John's "new minimalism" style, totally reduced studio setup with just monochrome/black background? Looks good - focus on the essential ;-) And YES, it's totally okay not to shave every model down to baby status... moderate body hair is totally acceptable, and even hot on some models - I do like it here. -- Nice massage, you could have shown a bit more close-ups of Sam's wonderful ass while Shane had his hands on it... and finally, fucking his cum into that willing hole was a big plus for me, too. I just love cream pies and internal cum shots, for me it's part of the essence of bareback sex. 5/5! :-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/November/2014

These are 2 of the best models of the site, especially the hot Sam Williamns. I missed more shots of the full body to show a more exciting rubbing of different body parts.

JAGarcia, 24/November/2014

Loved all the rimming, and the end with a creampie followed by Sam licking Shane's cock clean. I just loved the sight of Shane's ass especially during the rimming action, so beautiful, well shaped and a very nice pink hole, too bad he doesn't bottom :P Sam is also very handsome, but he he would be even prettier with less hair around his cock and ass =)

biggerthebetter, 24/November/2014

Very good scene I won't say it isn't. Unfortunately I have Men.Com for this type of scene. If you know you will know exactly what I mean.

bobby, 24/November/2014

Great moment of porn: loved the massage and the sex part too ! Hot minutes of pure sex made by Shane (you're sooooo much better now) and Sam (this guy is a very good porn boy). What i've seen here is very good ! And after this, hope to see some more stuff with Shane. Would enjoy to see him, for instance, with Richie ;) . And Sam, well, one of the best guys on the last 3 months here.

Vaclav, 25/November/2014

Unfortunately this isn't my kind of scene but hopefully this ticks the boxes for others.

Funtime, 25/November/2014

Exactly fun time, exactly. I have a membership that I'm dropping at men's .com. This scene would fit right in there. But it's not why I come to Staxus. But yes it's excellent and let's other members see a slightly different kind of scene and models here. It's a very good and well shot scene.

bobby, 25/November/2014

This was really a very hot scene love the way shane is giving his partner his cock lets see more of these guys in he future Awesome!

deekster, 27/November/2014

Great sexy duo : the guys obviously enjoy playing with each other. the massage is good so is the greedy rimming' in the end' after a great fucking' the creampie shot in Sam ass is fantastic. Found it a really super hot scene, thanks !

christian, 02/December/2014

Boring again

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

Great video ! The guys are well into it and are beautiful. Loved particulary seeing the versatile great looking Sam in a passive role.

christian, 27/December/2014

Great porn scene. Sam - you are so handsome, gorgeous (and have a great arse)

London81, 23/February/2015

What is the name (and/or artist) of the song played at the beginning of the scene?

Brian, 14/June/2015

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