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Jacuzzi Duo Turns Into A Raw, Spunk-Sapping Threeway – Topped Off With A Tsunami Of Piss! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 82)
Added: 28/November/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


Be honest now, what would you do if you stepped into a Jacuzzi opposite a couple of well horny guys who were making out? Make polite excuses and head off somewhere else? Or, as in the case of young Ivo Thomas in this scene, just sit back and enjoy the show? Of course, given that the pairing in question here comprises of Alan Benfelen and the ever-gorgeous Sam Williams we’ve every good reason to suspect that nine out of ten guys would take the second option. But whether us mere mortals would show the same restraint as Thomas, who quite literally simply gazes on whilst Williams energetically sucks on his buddy’s dick and fingers and rims the fellow’s ass, is quite another matter altogether!

The restraint on the cute twink’s part is almost Herculean – but even this boy can’t resist forever! Having “endured” the sight of Benfelen first being buggered from behind by Williams’ oversized donger, then banged from beneath courtesy of the same divine appendage, Thomas finally makes his way across the pool to indulge in a little carnal fun of his own. Within moments, what was a ball-bustin’ duo is quickly transformed into a stunning, nut-crackin’ threeway – Thomas taking his own ride on Williams’ dick, before the older lad squirts jizz all over the two youngsters’ faces!

It’s almost too hot to watch; but then the heat gets notched up yet further with both twinks creaming their loads underwater, prior to Williams and Thomas pissing the entire contents of their bladders all over Benfelen! All in all, a thoroughly wet finale to an indisputably top-notch show!

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really liked this one guys, alan is fast becoming one of my favourites & ivo looks like a keeper. Inventive camera work made this better than average, well done everyone. !!!

patmiky, 28/November/2014

It was a good clip, the pissing in the end kinda of saved it for me. Don't agree with patmky, I'm not a big fan of Alan. Evo could be really hot if they pair him with a older top. I gave it a 4 because of the hot wet down at the end

bobby, 28/November/2014

Still no more clips from your Dominican trip? I think we had one in the whole of November. Maybe the guy who does your website scheduling doesnt like black guys ha ha ! Cmon guys when are we going to see some more of them?

Bobcat, 28/November/2014

Thank you Staxus for this wonderful scene with the wet ending! I adore Alan, I love Sam and Ivo was a very suitable addition for the duo. The rimming was fantastic - and Alan licking Williams cock while it slides in and out of Ivo was excellent! Another movie on my fav-list!

Andi, 28/November/2014

Hi Bobcat! We had 2 in November, we'll have 2 more in December!

Staxus - Andy, 28/November/2014

@Staxus-Andy, only 2? Your guy Dennis said and I quote "We got a lot of those scheduled for next month." Im sure since when 2 is a lot? Maybe you guys need to speak to each other.

Bobcat, 28/November/2014

And just a side note from someone who is a huge piss fan. If you guys are going to do it then please do it properly. Alan having a seizure (or was he pretending to dance in a nightclub?) with two guys pissing on him isnt horny at all. The tops should be pissing in the bottoms mouth, either forcing him to drink it and he should be swallowing some of it and looking like he is enjoying it. Take a look at some Vlado Iresh piss films from your back catalogue and you will see what I mean. This just wasnt horny at all and Im sure anyone who is really into piss will agree with me.

Bobcat, 28/November/2014

Just two clips from the DR coming up in december :( ? Some guys here have mentioned that they are not into black men, but a lot of us are looking forward to more interracial scenes, so maybe 3-4 clips like 1 DR scene every week would probably satisfy a lot more members rather than just two a month to not offend the members who don't like them.

biggerthebetter, 28/November/2014

Hi guys! We had 6 in October and people started to complain that it's too much. If you go back to October interracial scenes and note the comments, you'll notice most people said that enough is enough. This is why we are now releasing them at a slower pace. </br></br> You have to understand that not everybody is into the same thing as you are. Some don't even want to see the interracial scenes at all. Some want twinks, others want more muscle. </br></br> We try to give a bit of everything to please as many of you as possible!

Staxus - Andy, 28/November/2014

I totally get it, every member has different tastes and likes very different things. But regarding just the one particular scene with Devon and Tyler that got very bad comments aside from that some people who don't like scenes with black men at all and felt fed up, but even I who like those kinds of scenes didn't like it, weak sex action, not bareback and Tyler's un-conventional hair...

biggerthebetter, 28/November/2014

Cette scène est certes très bonne mais le final à la pisse n'est pas ma tasse de thé. Je veux bien admettre qu'il en faille pour tous les goûts mais pas trop souvent. Quant aux scènes interraciales, j'ai beaucoup aimé celles qui ont été tournées par le passé à PRAGUE. En revanche, certains clips réalisés en République Dominicaine n'étaient pas terribles et je pèse mes mots. D'ailleurs, les membres ont sanctionné ces réalisations par une note globale très moyenne et pleinement justifiée et les clients qui en achèteront les DVD n'en auront pas pour leur argent. Il n'est pas dans mes habitudes de critiquer les réalisateurs mais je m'interroge de savoir si ces mauvais clips en République Dominicaine n'ont pas contribué en partie à l'éviction de Monsieur BURLING.

Pascaloux, 28/November/2014

@Staxus - Andy, I actually went through all the comments on Octobers scenes and I think I found one maybe two saying enough is enough, I'm not sure how that constitutes "most people"? A lot of the scenes had poor comments but that seems due to the action in the scenes being poor. If you get two comments saying no more Czechs, will you pull all the Czech scenes? After all it seems thats "most of us".

Bobcat, 28/November/2014

@Pascaloux, the majority of the Dominican clips which seem to have been updated so far are by John Smith not Michael Burling (you can tell by the style), and some of these clips got really average ratings as the action in them is so poor.

Bobcat, 28/November/2014

Fantastic do you keep cuming up with new idears new venues & the most georgeous Boys? I love you all :-) xxxxx

Neville, 28/November/2014

I've commented on other things before under this clip. But about this clip, I must say that after watching this I prefer Sam as a top, I like smooth/shaved bottoms but on tops I don't mind some body hair =) Very pretty models, good sex action, but to me the ass to mouth action was what made the scene stand out, very hot seing Alan lick Sam's cock while it was going in and out of Ivo's ass =) Too bad that Ivo don't seem into it, would have been cool to see him reciprocate and lick Sam's cock while he was fucking Alan :P The underwater cumshot was great, never seen one before =)

biggerthebetter, 28/November/2014

@bobcat I agree that the complaints seemed to be mostly about the action in the clips not about the black models, the clip with Devon and Tyler was the only clip that got overwhelmingly negative comments otherwise the positive comments where in a clear majority. One of the negative comments on the clip with Tyler and Devon saying that it was enough, started out with a remark about Tyler's hair rather than Devon's ethnicity. Tyler looks good and have a nice body, but please no more of that bright red long wavy hair :P

biggerthebetter, 28/November/2014

Alan is so beautiful with his hairless body(I'm convinced he must wax everything to be this smooth). Iwo is gorgeous as well, I would have liked to have seen him getting involved a lot earlier in the scene. It must be said that while I don't normally enjoy watching hairy men, I did like watching Sam with Alan.

Funtime, 29/November/2014

@biggerthebetter, Yes I agree the negative comments were towards Tyler not towards the black models, and I think Staxus Andy has misread the comments completely.

Bobcat, 29/November/2014

this scenes remind me the old times of Vlado Iresch. Cute guys, nice fuckings, staxus is recovering its esence! However, I would like to see more cumplay. More cum in mouth (big loads), kissing with sperm and of course, cum in ass but intern cums, do not take out the cock, cum in the ass, and put it inside again. I would like to see intern cumshots, the dick inside the ass while cumming.

michael, 29/November/2014

Wow I never knew someone could piss that much x'D

Nathan, 29/November/2014

Really strong scene with three great models Sam Williams is becoming a favorite and Ivo oh yes more of this lad! I liked the piss play at the end its never really been a huge thing for me but when you nearly drown a model like Alan with two showers of piss yes that was hot to watch.

DeWayne in SD, 02/December/2014

Hello Sam, Alan, and Ivo you three were great. Let's start off with the golden shower I really loved that. Sam I would swallow all of your piss the same with you Ivo. Now to get to the juicy part.Sam I would love to be there so I could lick all of that fine fur you have especially around your ass, balls, legs, feet,toes, stomach and armpits. I love a hairy man.I would also let you and Alan fuck me a the same time but you first. I am a cum freak I just can't get enough. I know that between all three of you you satisfy me for a little while.I again want to say what a superb job you did. Marty. Note for Andy Keep bringing these superb actors they are great

Marty Trawinski USA, 03/December/2014

Boring again and again ....

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

Sam Williams is devastatingly beautiful in this movie. All that man hair!

jasyn19, 12/February/2015

I thought those boys would never stop pissing. I thought that was the best part of the scene.

nova1989, 12/May/2015

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