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Sam Williams Conducts The Best School Lesson Ever – Topped Off With Oodles Of Hot Teen Jizz! HD

4.0/5 (Total votes: 74)
Added: 08/December/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


How we must all wish that we’d had a teacher like Sam Williams when we were at school. Not only is he an extremely sexy dude – as everyone who’s seen him in action prior to this point will surely tell you – but his educational techniques are ... well, how can we put it? Somewhat unconventional? Progressive? Judge for yourself, as he takes charge of a small group of students – Alan Benfelen, Darko Simic, Ryan Olsen and Jace Reed – and quickly takes the opportunity to demonstrate a blow-job on Olsen’s dick in front of the class.

He then openly encourages Olsen and Simic to show off their own oral techniques to the rest of the group; before overseeing Simic as he thrusts his handsome shaft deep into Olsen’s ass-hole and fucks the fellow over one of the desks. To be fair, this is not your everyday lesson by any stretch of the imagination; but it clearly makes a deep impression on Reed and Benfelen, who finally proceed to strip off their uniforms in order to relieve themselves of all the sexual tension that’s resulted as a result of watching their mates fornicate like a couple of dingos in season!

And what better way to sign off a lesson like this than to gather round in a circle and wank off over one of your mates? In this instance that lucky fellow being Simic, who takes every drop of jizz that his hyped-up buddies can produce. But it’s the sight of Williams joining in at the end, adding to the tsunami of cum on Simic’s cute young face, that really puts the magic in the moment; and we defy anyone not to jerk themselves silly to what must be the best school lesson ever!

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I'm sooooooo disappointed about his one. I tcould have been a very hot 4some scene but it's only a 2 andnot a good one ... what's happening to you guys ? With the past, we got some great orgy scene with some really very hot models !!! Today, it seems that you don't know how to do it, how to put the right guys together even not to film them any more ... Please, get up and we really want to have a super one for Christmas ... hot guys with big dicks who know how to fuck and have fun time together !!!!! is it that impossible ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please, HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This scene to me = 00000000000000000 !!!!

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

While in the last few scenes I almost thought FSRollins acts for a competing site, harshly criticizing even excellent scenes, in this case I have to agree. With five guys available in the scene, including two of my favorite tops (hunk Sam Williams and big-dicked Jace Reed), it's really a waste not to use them for an orgy, but make most of them mere spectators watching a not too exciting blow-and-fuck between two not overly hot guys and a final group wank that doesn't blast my senses either... I must admit my initial expectation from seeing the teaser picture of the scene was also pretty much disappointed. Almost looks like an exercise of an assistant director or cameraman... not what we are used to by John Smith!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 08/December/2014

Once it gets over three guys I leave. the vid just doesn't work. But I know there are orgy fans that will love this one.

bobby, 08/December/2014

If John Smith is now going to have to direct double the scenes he did before (which Im guessing he will have to now Michael Burling is gone) then I can imagine we will see a lot more bland scenes like this. Its a lot harder to be creative when you have double the work and have to use the same models over and over again. This is now Sam Williams 6th scene in a month. Are Staxus turning into Bel Ami where we just see the same models over and over and over again? If so it will become boring very quickly.

Bobcat, 08/December/2014

I'm also disappointed with this scene, to me it had lots of potential to be something really special but fell short. A fun setting, hot models but the sex action was weak, not a gangbang (aside from the end) sure the other guys joined in with their hands, the end however when all the guys shot their load into Darko's mouth was very hot. I get that it was some sort of school/teacher fantasy with curious school students watching other students have sex, but I would have really liked for Jace, Alan and Sam to undress or atleast unzip their pants and played with their own cocks while watching Darko and Ryan having sex. Kissing is fun in private life, but in porn I'd rather see lips around cocks and tongues between butt cheeks :P

biggerthebetter, 08/December/2014

I especially like Ryan Olsen, he`s so handsome and cute-has a wonderful dick and asshole Yummy!

Chris, 09/December/2014

This could have been so hot but unfortunately didn't quite get there. I absolutely love Darko and Alan, and I quite like the others too so when I saw the picture for the scene I thought Christmas had come early, wasn't to be but I live in hope. If only santa could deliver these boys to my door for Christmas!!

Funtime, 10/December/2014

I actually enjoyed it.

RedStar, 13/December/2014

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