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Two Horny Railway-Navvies Get Down & Dirty In A Cock-Sucking, Cum-Spurting Fuck-Fest! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 97)
Added: 09/January/2015
Duration: 22 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


Everyone loves a dirty man – and they don’t come any dirtier than the guys who work on the railways. As ably demonstrated here by Sam Williams and Benjamin Dunn, two very sexy guys (as we surely all already know), who can’t wait to strip out of their standard-issue dungarees so that they can explore the fine expanse of smooth, hairless flesh that lies beneath. Indeed, it’s hard to decide which of these fabulous studs is the hornier of the two, as they both take it in turns to feast and slurp on the handsome rods that are very quickly exposed.

First Williams sucks Dunn, then Dunn sucks Williams; then the two buddies take full advantage of one of the engine-room’s work-pits to repeat the exercise once again. Indeed, it’s difficult to decide from watching this pair of hyper-sexed workers as to who will eventually succumb to the ultimate temptation and play out the role of cock-crazed bottom. In the end, however, that particular honour goes to Williams; whilst Dunn hammers home full advantage courtesy of a whole range of ass-splitting positions.

It’s enough to send even the most self-restrained of porn fans (if there’s such a person!) into a dick-tugging frenzy; and by the time Dunn creams the contents of his comparatively hair-free balls over his mate’s expectant lips there’s every possibility that a whole tsunami of hot jizz will have been spilled in appreciation. No question about it, folks, you are never gonna look at the guys who work on the railways the same again!

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If there is one thing I love, it's Benjamin Dunn (tall, Pairing him with Sam Williams is a pure delight for the eyes! I find this scene super hot and 'draining'...Sammy is truly growing on me. More, more of him. Please.

mtopamax, 09/January/2015

Two hot lovely guys in a workshop, what could be better. Particularly liked the intro which for me, added to the scene/anticipation. Benjamin and Sam are my favourites. Would like to see more of them and machine/car/bike scenes.

Rob, 09/January/2015

very nice setting, clothing and guys. Benjamin is a great top but I always prefer for the guy with the biggest cock to be in the active role. But lately I think my view on what's a big cock has been distorted by watching all those 22 cm+ DR cocks :P

biggerthebetter, 09/January/2015

I love all scenes with great looking Sam and it is rare to find in your team such a flexible versatile so hot guy, as good in passive as in active role. He always does a great job and this time made no exception. I would have appreciated a longer closer rimming scene. Next time ?!

Christian, 10/January/2015

WOW I shocked myself I loved seeing these too in action, I usually only like the super twinks, but Sam was so hot and seeing him so fucked more please.

bobby, 10/January/2015

Beautiful scene, Sam Williams is beautifully hairy ass and she? This is exciting. Just me mrzý that opomýjíte shots on nice butts in action. It's exciting to look as nice work on prdelce muscles during intercourse.

renda567, 10/January/2015

Great to see Sam bottom good payback for the twink pillaging he has done the past two months!

DeWayne in SD, 11/January/2015

<p>SUPERBE! My Staxus highlight of recent months, ranging directly after the November scene where, coincidentally, it's exactly the same two guys who rape and pound Johny Cruz.</p> <p>Already the first (kissing) scene gave me a boner... these guys are just soooooo sexy! Sam is a really hot and horny hunk... and his "pleasure trail" contrasts nicely with Benjamin's smooth appearance. What more could you ask for? Cute faces, perfect bodies, nice dicks... and an action that really convincingly conveys pleasure and passion! </p> <p> The workshop setting, the costumes and styling (naked skin below the dungarees), the lighting, the filming technique (just to mention the camera perspective from below while fucking over the work pit as an example)... just great. For me, a clear 5/5 points and a new favorite :-))) </p>

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 12/January/2015

Sam Williams is my fav porn star!! He take raw cock amazingly!! More please!!

whatsacondom, 15/January/2015

Best scene since fireside sex with Boris Orla!

Phoenician, 15/January/2015

Nothing better than a good looking young male being fucked bareback and enjoying a hard cock pounding that ass for all its' worth.

hornynipples, 07/February/2015

Sam is wonderful to watch as a top or as a bottom. I would love to have Sam fuck me all day. I am very passionate and would luv to deep throat his uncut cock and swallow his load.

hornynipples, 24/March/2015

Simply a beautiful sex scene with two amazing guys!

Terrance, 02/June/2015

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