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Tim Law Feels The Full Fuck Of The Law Courtesy Of A Dildo & A Pair Of Hard, Uncut Dicks! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 69)
Added: 15/January/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


Tim Law’s hiding something. What’s more, the police are onto his case – which explains why officers Oscar Hart and Sam Williams arrive looking for evidence. Not that they have to look very hard, it has to be said. Before you know it they’ve unearthed a fabulous looking sex-toy and (in response) are performing a strip-search on the youngster.

Not that Law’s the kind of boy who’s ever gonna be bothered by this kind of intrusive behaviour; and it’s not long before his day’s taken a whole turn for the better when Hart and Williams turn the full attention of that thick, black dildo onto his butt-hole. Unsurprisingly – given that this is Tim Law we’re talking about here – that sweet little pucker opens up like a flower in spring as a result. Indeed, the fact that his mouth is gagged and his ass is being crudely smacked seems to turn the fellow on more than ever. As a result, everyone’s favourite cock-slut is soon taking inch after fucking inch of rubber; before matters turn ever wilder by Williams fucking both his companions in turn.

It’s a move that flicks the temperature to the point of combustion, with Law taking the full brunt of the officers’ hard cocked fury! Indeed, you seriously wonder how this lad will ever sit down again given the pounding he receives at the hand (and dick) of the law! Believe us, he’s banged to within an inch of his rights; and it almost comes as a relief to see the cute-faced beauty get his arse well and truly creamed by both studs in turn. If you can edge the length of this scene without pumping out your own load (or two) then we’ll be feckin’ damned!

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<p>Uniforms, Domination, alternating fucks, daisy chain fucks, cum in ass... my ideal porn clip finally realized by John Smith. How did you know my fantasies, John? Oh, I see... because 80% of subscribers share them ;) </p> <p> And then, of course, super-hot hunk Sam Williams (I want to marry you!) is perfect, and Oscar Hart not a bad new add at all! Both taking power bottom Tim Law ia a real feast for the eyes. Great stuff, 5/5, and a new favorite :-)<p>

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 15/January/2015

When downloading, just noticed the clip title. So funny! Congratulations to the genius coming up with that joke! :-D

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 15/January/2015

Staxus at its best ...Amazing !

Neville, 15/January/2015

Cette scène est exceptionnelle et je lui donne sans aucune hésitation la note de 5/5. Aucun autre site (y compris BELAMI) ne peut rivaliser avec STAXUS quand vous publiez des vidéos d'un tel niveau. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 15/January/2015

OMG! Dirty Fuckers! Just loved it

chupollas, 15/January/2015

Oscar is a winner, Sam is one of your best recruits and can do all and old timer Tiim does not need to learn anything ; in this treesome, there is everything for everyone,hot and sexy.Great stuff !

christian, 15/January/2015

Old Timer is right. Couldn't a new bottom be found. Then it would have really been hot. Sorry just tired of the same old assholes getting pounded.

bobby, 16/January/2015

@Tim Law or anybody @Staxus who reads this and is in contact with him: don't let yourself be offended by a rude comment of a subscriber lacking decent communication [whose referred anatomical parts are probably significantly older than yours ;-) ]. You're looking and doing great!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 16/January/2015

Hi guys! </br></br> There's plenty more of this upcoming. I posted the schedule for January here: <a href=""></a> </br></br> I will try to post the schedule for February soon too!

Staxus - Andy, 16/January/2015

J'invite Dennis ou Andy à lire le commentaire particulièrement grossier qu'un goujat s'est permis d'écrire et de le supprimer. Je n'accepte pas et n'accepterai jamais que l'on puisse manquer de respect à un modèle. J'ordonne à l'individu concerné de s'excuser et immédiatement.

Pascaloux, 16/January/2015

Fantastic and finally some real rough action and great domination =) Very hot seeing Oscar and Sam "violate" Tim's ass (and mouth) with that big black dildo :) the daisy chain fucking, and Sam switching between fucking Tim's and Oscar's ass was superb, the only thing that could have made it even more superb would have been if Tim turned around a bit and let Sam switch between fucking his mouth and Oscar's ass ;) But other than that perfect =)

biggerthebetter, 16/January/2015

Unfortunately, Tim Law has always rash in the bottom, this looks disgusting!

Beschel, 16/January/2015

@beschel well that's a bit harsh, but I also find his rash and his pimples unattractive. Not for our sake but for his own I hope that he seeks a doctor and get some treatment for it :)

biggerthebetter, 16/January/2015

One small thing : why do you mention Robo Kopp who is NOT acting in this scene ?!

christian, 18/January/2015

Wow, great scene with the back and forth, taking turns with the hot Tim Law and the ending was great too. Tim has the perfect abs and chest.

Staxusfan, 27/January/2015

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