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Yuri Adamov Gets Banged Like A Common Tart By A Fitness-Mad Fucker With A Donkey Dick! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 76)
Added: 23/January/2015
Comments: 25


No question about it, young Luke Vogel – a loud-mouthed chav, if ever there was one! – makes exercising look sickening easy; but what he demonstrates during the opening moments of this cum-inducing scene with Yuri Adamov in the form of press-ups and squat-thrusts is nothing in comparison to the physical display that ensues with his hot and horny fuck-buddy soon afterwards. Mind, when you’re blessed with the kind of donkey-sized dick that Vogel has it’s no real great wonder that you should be so cocky about yourself, or that your immediate thoughts and attentions are centred so readily on your groin.

So it should come as no surprise at all that he’s quickly thrusting his thick, meaty, uncut shaft down Adamov’s throat almost as soon as his buddy has made an appearance. Not that Adamov appears in any way upset at the sudden turn of events. We’ve all seen him in action long enough to know that the appearance of a truncheon like the one Vogel has stuffed in his pants is sure to get the lad into a sexed-up trance; and having tasted every aching inch of hard flesh on offer it’s no surprise at all that he should be enjoying Vogel’s tongue rimming his over-excited ass-hole as the two boys sixty-nine each other on a sofa.

But the real passion begins the moment that Vogel finally gets to plonk his monster member deep into Adamov’s pucker, signalling the start of a truly terrific, breath-taking escapade that sees the bottom banged like a common whore before producing a magnificent hands-free cum-shot over the edge of the chair! A sight that makes Vogel’s subsequent eruption appear almost second-rate ...

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Bad boy Luke could abuse me anytime he liked. ! Yuri keeps getting better, still in love with his nipples.!!!!!

patmiky, 23/January/2015

Luke Vogel is simply perfect! From his lips to his butt (not to forget a rather nice dick), it was love at first sight for me... Yes, as it's been mentioned, Yuri is looking prettier, sexier with each passing scene. I think Luke would be awesome in a scene with someone like Benjamin Dunn or Carl Ross...

mtopamax, 23/January/2015

Yuri is awsome ! My favourite Boy and very handsome !

neville, 23/January/2015

I liket the handsfree cumshot. Yuri is such good ASS-to-mouth slut.

Boylicker, 23/January/2015

After a several previous scenes with this scene very well. I do not know what to continue to write. Really hilarious scenes.

renda567, 23/January/2015

Cette excellente scène renforce ma décision de reprendre un abonnement annuel auprès de votre exceptionnel site que j'apprécie énormément. Les débuts de Luke sont très prometteurs et Yuri est de plus en plus brillant et sexy. Staxus dispose avec Yuri, Erik et Richie d'un trio de minets de premier plan et à mettre en valeur le plus souvent possible.

Pascaloux, 23/January/2015

Yuri : it was a pleasure again to see you doing what some try to do. You are great in terms of emotion and dedication to your partner. Seeing you is a delight. And this time with Luke Vogel no doubt that you've enjoyed so much your performance. And now some words for Luke : it's the first time I see you. Staxus made the right decision to book you ;) . Nice and warm moment of sex, guys !!

Vaclav, 24/January/2015

The newcomer Luke Vogel is a great addition to the team. Super blue eyes, hot body, bick dick, lovely hole and expert in sex acrobatics ! I loved his greedy rimming job of Yuri and insatiable fucking in all original positions !

Christian, 24/January/2015

There is nothing at all about him on his profile : we love to know a bit more about models from their profile....

Christian, 24/January/2015

Luke was a great find, hot, a very nice and big cock and an intense fucker =) Yuri is pretty, but I would love to see him in a more masculine haircut and slightly less plucked eyebrows :)

biggerthebetter, 24/January/2015

For me, Yuri is just perfect from head to toe and that handsfree cumshot sent me over the edge.

Funtime, 25/January/2015

Great scene, this team is really GREAT ! Luke is a fantastic new comer, of coruse, we want to see him many times. He's really FANTASTIC !!!! More of him please and soon !!!

FSROLLINS, 25/January/2015

WOW -- Superb :) Yuri I know is Top quality but Luke tbh I wasn`t sure about. Jeeeez I was soon convinced and after that display have a huge admiration of Luke. The input of both models is immense and this scene should be an inspirational one to other models. The scene has some amazing detail shots that capture the feel of the sexual interaction and is a credit to all the Team involved in the making of this :) 5/5 from me :D Tobe x

TwinkTowers, 26/January/2015

Well, it's all been said, so simply: great clip, hot stuff, Yuri the power bottom as we know him, and Luke is indeed a great new add! More of him! :))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 26/January/2015

As Yuri might say, "OH MY GAAAAAD!!!" Great performance from both guys. The foot-kissing and the hands-free cum a major turn-on, as was the joy of seeing Yuri with a couldn't-be-harder boner. Everything about Yuri's performance was flawless on this occasion - the hip action in the cock-riding section was a work of art. I noticed in the comments section of another scene that someone was complaining about the same people feeling they have to comment on every scene, thinking they are film critics. As far as I'm concerned, having a comments section is a great thing. These guys open themselves up to us in a way that most people couldn't. Just being naked is enough, but to do what they do deserves our admiration, regardless of their personal motives. Many of these models can actually turn a crap day around and help people forget the everyday problems of what can be very mundane lives. I feel no shame in admitting that my life is in a definite slump right now, and Staxus is helping me deal with it - if there are people who can have sex in front of a camera then I can make an admission like that!! It is right that we are given the opportunity to show our support, and I am sure I am not alone in wanting to give encouragement to those models that really appeal to me. In any walk of life, people respond well to encouragement and displays of appreciation - why would these performers be any different? I will close with these words: YURI, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY!! xxx

Aino Wave, 02/June/2015

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