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It’s Rude To Keep A Twink Hanging, So Why Not Fuck & Cream The Boy’s Ass Instead! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 31/January/2015
Duration: 17 minutes, 15 seconds
Comments: 25


No question about it, Shane Barret’s job as the local gravedigger is an unusual occupation to say the very least, but it’s nothing in comparison to the fellow’s penchant for the perverse! After all, it’s not exactly commonplace to sit wearing a baraclava over your head for no particular reason, as he does at the start of this particular scene. Nor, for that matter, is it exactly everyday behaviour to have another guy hanging from his wrists by a rope for your amusement – in this particular instance, Ryan Olsen.

But clearly Barret is a man with an eye for the extraordinary; and, in fairness, it quickly becomes apparent that Olsen is clearly more than willing to participate in the fellow’s kinky habits, gobbling down on his captor’s handsome dick with the kind of gusto that you only ever seem to see in lads from the Czech Republic. But this young captive’s taste for hard cock doesn’t just stop at him sucking them like popsicles. Nor, for that matter, is Barret the kind of guy who’s prepared to allow his “victims” an easy ride – pardon the pun! In fact, if anything it’s a very hard ride that Barret had planned for his guest, and it’s no time at all before he’s pounding away from beneath whilst Olsen continues to hang from the ceiling.

That signals the start of a passionate, energetic fuck that sees the young bottom banged (quite literally) to within an inch of his existence; taking every raw inch of hard man-meat like a pro, before Barret creams his ass with oodles of jizz. Finally, with a noose round his neck, Olsen returns the compliment with a violent, sticky eruption of his own – a fitting, off-the-wall jizzy finale to a top-notch escapade!

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Always a joy to see Shane, he is so damn sexy from head to toe. I'm especially obsessed with Shane's butt it was very hot seeing him bend over and get rimmed by Ryan =) Is Shane 100% strictly top? or is there a chance of him bottoming or getting fingered in the future =)

biggerthebetter, 31/January/2015

In this scene, the 2 guys fit well together and it shows on screen. The rimming was hot and close up on the the big final cum shot of Shane into the nicely gaping hole of Ryan was particulary " efficient", one of the best seen recently on the site. Sooo good !

Christian, 31/January/2015

Shane looked downright scary at times, hope he is only playacting.! Very hot one guys, well done models & crew.

patmiky, 31/January/2015

excellent scene! both are good match. more Shane, please

marko, 31/January/2015

Fantastic staxus..please show us more of Ryan-can`t get enough of this cute boy..he makes me so much horny..

Chris, 31/January/2015

<p>What happened to John Smith, someone unleashed the hidden tiger inside him? ;-) The last week or so has really been a fucking spree, a porn bonanza for me.... pushing all the right buttons! </p> <p>I love the more hardcore, more kinky type of action, which unlike "classic" brands of such type however is enacted not with mature hunks, but the twinks and studs types Staxus is known for... I think this combination is really pretty unique! Great stuff... love bondage and domination... and we came to see another cream pie / breeding scene..... sooooo hot! </p><p>Top rating and another new favorite... Plus I'll have to order the respective DVD(s) too! Well done, Mr. Smith :-)</p>

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 31/January/2015

While I have seen very few bondage films that do anything for me, this scene was hot. It was not so much the bondage of the twink as it was just the sex itself. I loved the way Shane fucked his twink and Ryan had a nice and lasting erection. The final scene when Shane cums around Ryan's hot and gaping hole and then sticks his cummy cock back in absolutely got me off. And that is the goal of hot porn to create a fantasy scenario that gets the viewer off. More like this please...

Ringwraith, 31/January/2015

I have really nothing to complain about in this scene. Love Shanes ass getting rimmed, nice ATM, a lot of cum on Ryans asshole. Good cam work from John with perfect cutting.

secondsky, 31/January/2015

Mon nouvel abonnement annuel débute de façon optimale par la diffusion de ce nouveau clip exceptionnel. Pour la seconde année consécutive, j'ai bénéficié d'une réduction de 50 % et je vous en remercie vivement.

Pascaloux, 31/January/2015

Shane is ALWAYS hot. Love the guy!!!

dennis, 31/January/2015

Yes great scene completely off the chain good for me. Its what I love Twinks and semi twinks abused and fucked. More please!

bobby, 31/January/2015

Hi, this is not directly related to this scene : I have just discovered that suddenly, there seems to be a technical problem : on the info and stats page for many famous models like Kris Wallace, Kurt MAdox, David Hanson or Mike James, now they all " appear " with ONLY ONE video mentioned in their respective biography. ( we know for sure Mike made many videos on Staxus...for instance ). All mixed up and we miss a lot if we want to review the scenes. I hope you understand what I mean...and can correct it ? thks

Christian, 01/February/2015

@Christian Do you still see one scene on these model pages? I just checked and I didn't see what you describe. Maybe it was a glitch.

Staxus - Dennis, 02/February/2015

Hi Christian! It depends on what sub-site you are on. If you are on "Raw" - you will only see Mike James scenes that are inside the "Raw" subsite. And the same if you are on Dirty Fuckers, Sports etc. </br></br> To view all scenes from a particular model, please make sure you are on the main Staxus hub, either by clicking the logo or by selecting "Remove filter".

Staxus - Andy, 02/February/2015

Hi Denis + Andy : sorry, I had not seen your answer earlier. thanks for it. It was maybe a glitch : now all is fine for watching at all the scenes under each particuliar model ! Regards ( what may be be worh making sure is to put a few stats and biography word for EACH model instead of blank though ! tks )

Christian, 15/February/2015

the guy i have sex with looks just like Ryan Olsen. i showed him a clip with Ryan and he said we couldn't believe the resemblance :)

Chuck, 22/March/2015

MORE OF SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken, 13/December/2016

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