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It’s Rude To Keep A Twink Hanging, So Why Not Fuck & Cream The Boy’s Ass Instead! HD

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Added: 31/January/2015
Duration: 17 minutes, 15 seconds
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No question about it, Shane Barret’s job as the local gravedigger is an unusual occupation to say the very least, but it’s nothing in comparison to the fellow’s penchant for the perverse! After all, it’s not exactly commonplace to sit wearing a baraclava over your head for no particular reason, as he does at the start of this particular scene. Nor, for that matter, is it exactly everyday behaviour to have another guy hanging from his wrists by a rope for your amusement – in this particular instance, Ryan Olsen.

But clearly Barret is a man with an eye for the extraordinary; and, in fairness, it quickly becomes apparent that Olsen is clearly more than willing to participate in the fellow’s kinky habits, gobbling down on his captor’s handsome dick with the kind of gusto that you only ever seem to see in lads from the Czech Republic. But this young captive’s taste for hard cock doesn’t just stop at him sucking them like popsicles. Nor, for that matter, is Barret the kind of guy who’s prepared to allow his “victims” an easy ride – pardon the pun! In fact, if anything it’s a very hard ride that Barret had planned for his guest, and it’s no time at all before he’s pounding away from beneath whilst Olsen continues to hang from the ceiling.

That signals the start of a passionate, energetic fuck that sees the young bottom banged (quite literally) to within an inch of his existence; taking every raw inch of hard man-meat like a pro, before Barret creams his ass with oodles of jizz. Finally, with a noose round his neck, Olsen returns the compliment with a violent, sticky eruption of his own – a fitting, off-the-wall jizzy finale to a top-notch escapade!