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Horny Cop Gives Yuri Adamov A Thorough Investigation – Plus A Hard, Raw Fuck! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 73)
Added: 12/February/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 19 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s not every day that a police officer storms into your apartment demanding that he wants to use your window as an observation post – but that’s exactly what happens to Yuri Adamov at the start of this terrific scene. Of course, the fact that it’s the ever-adorable Sam Williams who’s the lawman makes the encounter all the more electric; and needless to say that it’s just a matter of a few moments before Adamov is blatantly pulling out all the sexual stops to get the hunk’s attention.

Indeed, Williams has very quickly abandoned his vantage point in order to give the horny little twink his full observation – which includes placing Adamov in hand-cuffs and then thrusting his thick, meaty, uncut shaft deep inside the young lad’s butt! No foreplay here, guys – Williams is in the mood to act now and ask questions later, which clearly ticks all the boxes as far as Adamov is concerned given the overtly pliant manner with which he takes every energetic thrust that the officer throws in his direction. In fact, there’s no questioning that this is a performance that underlines the young lad’s notoriety as a power-bottom – the kind of horny, cock-crazed twink who quite literally lives for dick and who isn’t truly happy unless his ass is being given a top-notch workout!

It should come as no surprise to anyone, therefore, that Adamov soon produces the kind of volcanic, cum-spurting frenzy you’d expect from a lad who’s ass has just had the stretching of its life; before Williams concludes the show by squirting over his companion’s face. No doubt about it whatsoever, if this high-octane, gas-guzzling display doesn’t cream you off then nothing will!

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PaoloRome, 12/February/2015

The Penetration of Yuri is superb, pure, strong, noble Sodomy. Two Angels in precious spiritual Communion. (YURI, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, NOBLE BOY !! I WOULD LIKE TO DRINK YOUR SPERM, YOUR SACRED JUICE !)

PaoloRome, 12/February/2015

As a die hard skinny twink fan it was great to see Yuri again.!! however, the more I see of Sam the more his sheer MALENESS appeals to me. It would be wonderful to have some little thin boy dominate him.!!!

patmiky, 12/February/2015

Sam is ever great model, always beautiful and here he pounds a totally willing and opened Yuri who really enjoys it and it shows. Never get tired of seeing him in either active or passive play. Good kissing and great chemistry between the 2 guys make it so powerful and genuine. I just regretted however that it started straight with fucking and surprinsingly there was no generous rimming at all : can not believe Sam did not like Yuri's cute hole or the contrary !....

Christian, 12/February/2015

Sam and Yuri....thanks for this passionate and, at the same time, hard sex scene. Loved it ! Enjoyed very much what both of you did here, specially when Sam was laid down on the sofa and Yuri was suckin' him. Can't forget the thrill you gave when you were exchanging kisses during the final position or to see Yuri with his eyes closed... That's a sign of pleasure. I guess ;) . There is, however, on thing that is missing here : would love to see Sam getting rid of his clothing before sarting penetrating Yuri (lol)... But no doubt this is a Good Scene !

Vaclav, 12/February/2015

More of Sam Williams! A smoking hot, horny stud! :))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 12/February/2015

Beautiful Boys in fantastic ...Yuri is my favourite Twink and to be topped by Sam was amazing !

Neville, 12/February/2015

Please don't say you are allowing guys like Sam William to shave himeslf - when that is essential boiling hot maleness which frames his serious cock. One has that shaved look at belami - please don't introduce it here - especially after all the earlier hairy movies of Williams.

Jasyn19, 12/February/2015

Very hot Vid.

bobby, 12/February/2015

En ce moment, STAXUS est en train de gâter ses membres amateurs de petits minets en action et dont je fais partie. Après avoir vu dans la vidéo précédente l'adorable petit Erik, j'ai droit ce soir au fantastique et sexy Yuri. Yuri est sans doute votre minet le plus passionné actuellement sur le site. Quant au très séduisant Sam, sa performance comme dominateur a été exceptionnelle. Ce clip atteint une fois de plus la perfection absolue. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 12/February/2015

bien dommage que sam ce soit rasé , ca me donne envie de me désabonner

didieroperas, 13/February/2015

Sam was outstanding in this scene, he looked very sexy with that police outfit wrapped around his torso =D

biggerthebetter, 13/February/2015

Really hot scene, loved the tongue kissing and Yuri's spontaneous spit swap. Yuri seems to get hotter each scene.

Staxusfan, 14/February/2015

i wrote only Nonsense.

PaoloRome, 04/March/2015

Wow! Hot! Sam in uniform! More, more of Sam please, please.... I've now watched all of Sam's scenes on the site (well, more accurate, wanked over appreciatively - who couldn't?) His handsome bod, his smile, the kissing, his maleness, (and his arse...) - yeah., they do cream me off!

London81, 20/April/2015

Fuck me - I need to go and take a cold shower! Yuri, you are totally amazing - the moaning, the thumb in the mouth and the foot on the knee! And the copious cum! Your sexiness defies description.

Aino Wave, 01/June/2015

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