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Forget Billiards. These Two Studs Wanna Empty Their Balls Into Yuri Adamov’s pockets! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 84)
Added: 26/February/2015
Duration: 32 minutes, 12 seconds
Comments: 25


Let’s be honest from the start, the appearance of a billiard table in a porn scene is hardly novel – how many folks (male and female) have been screwed over the baize for sexual entertainment, we wonder? What does make this escapade stand out from the crowd, however, is the fact that it features three of the very hottest guys in the biz today, which in itself makes it a sure fire winner even before the first balls have been pocketed!

Harry Vakker, Sam Williams and Yuri Adamov are more than capable of holding a scene on their own nad-bustin’ merits. Put them together and you’ve got the recipe for a performance that’ll go down in porn-making history – and believe us, they don’t disappoint! Adamov, in particular, is excellent as the gazelle to Williams and Vakker’s lions – stripped of his clothes and subjected to a very welcome onslaught from these two sexy studs. And needless to say it’s not long before Vakker is opening up the twink’s ever-eager hole with his fingers, whilst Williams and Adamov himself 69 each other over the table.

But the real excitement begins when Vakker’s finger is replaced by William’s cock, culminating in the two studs double-penetrating their hot and horny twink pal – first on the table and then (arguably to better effect) on the floor. It pretty much goes without saying that Adamov takes it all like the dick-slut he was always born to be; and it’s no surprise that Vakker and Williams are soon liberally squirting their boy-batter. All topped off by Adamov, who manages to inadvertently splatter Vakker with quite a tremendous facial!

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im so tired of seeing movies with Yuri in them. I've honestly stopped watching movies with him in it. Bring back hot young smooth blond twinks

Anthony, 26/February/2015

If I want to see one of the best bottoms on Staxus, I know I ask for Yuri Adamov ! He's a cute guy and I guess he is, at the present moment, the most powerful bottom at Staxus. With him, everything is natural on sex. And, this time, with Sam and Harry, no wonder they have quit the game. They felt it was much better to have some action with Yuri. And, now, some words for Harry and Sam : two great studs. Very nice options for any kind of sex themes !

Vaclav, 26/February/2015

Sam in all his unshaved glory is heavenly. Yuri is one extremely lucky guy to have Sam and Harry up his ass together.

Jasyn19, 26/February/2015

Many of us love Yuri. I suggest just dont watch if you dont like him...

Alexie, 26/February/2015

Yuri is one of the best bottom boys in staxus team and extremely sexy..Would never want to miss him..Nice clip!

Chris, 26/February/2015

<p>It seems I'm not easily bored... regarding porn models, for me it's like this: either I find them hot - then there is no such thing for me as "seen too many times..." - I can just see and admire them over and over in different pairings with different guys. Or not - then one clip is enough, and I might just not watch any further ones.</p> <p>Yuri is certainly a highly skilled and totally eager powerbottom, and most of the scenes he participates in I find exciting. Sam is one of my overall favorites, and Harry knows how to top as well... so I enjoyed this one a lot, especially the DPs :)) </p>

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 26/February/2015

Amazing trio! Not only is Yuri one of the best bottoms we've ever seen on Staxus, he's being double fucked by two of the most gorgeous boys too! Five stars from me! :)

Tommy, 26/February/2015

thoroughly enjoying this scene. lucky Yuri indeed :)

marko, 26/February/2015

Par cette réalisation exceptionnelle, STAXUS a- une fois de plus- tutoyé les sommets. Sam et Harry ont été excellents. Toutefois la vedette de ce clip est indiscutablement l'adorable petit Yuri. Yuri est votre minet le plus performant mais aussi votre meilleur modèle actuellement. Non seulement il est mignon tout plein et sexy mais en plus, il se donne à fond pour ses partenaires dans toutes les scènes auxquelles il a participé. En ce qui me concerne, je ne me lasserai jamais de voir Yuri en action sur le site.

Pascaloux, 26/February/2015

Great scene! Gorgeous guys! More, please.

London81, 26/February/2015

Nice sexy scene. Great beautiful boys, especially so cute Sam and great toned body of Harry. The DP was nice and the 3 / trio kissing so hot ! Having said that, it is also true, that with 20 scenes, Yuri is probably the absolute recordman of all the models of Staxus, and 20 more will surely be too many !

Christian, 27/February/2015

Nice and rough. Really liked the rimming and them fingering Yuri's ass, the "finger dp" where both Sam and Harry had their fingers inside Yuri was very hot. And on top of that lots of ATM and a dp =D 5/5

biggerthebetter, 27/February/2015

also I think that Sam and Harry makes a very good dynamic duo =) their energy levels was through the roof which really took the scene to the next level of greatness. Let's hope we'll see Harry and Sam together in a threesome again in the future violating a new twink =)

biggerthebetter, 27/February/2015

Great scene, all the kissing showed that there is real chemistry between these three guys. I love Yuri and he gets better every time I see him, the hairstyle makes him look even cuter and his body is just beautiful from head to toe. More of Yuri please.

Funtime, 28/February/2015

How could anyone ever get sick of Yuri? Just look at the expression on his face right at the end - it turns your knees to jelly!! Great cumshot from Harry, even better one from Yuri - always so thick and milky - yummy! I LOVE YOU, YURI! xxx

Aino Wave, 16/June/2015

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