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Jace Reed Joins His Skiing Buddies For A Big-Dicked Threesome! (Snow Balls Scene #4) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 71)
Added: 28/March/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 9 seconds
Comments: 25


Milan Sharp and Rokas Zilina have made arrangements to meet up with Jace Reed for a morning’s skiing session, but either they’ve forgotten or they just can’t be arsed! Instead, they just want to enjoy a bit of time in bed together; and Reed would remain very much an afterthought were it not for the fact that the fellow turns up to find out where they are. At which point what would be a fantastic duo quickly transcends into a truly ball-busting threeway – much of the action centred (understandably) on Reed’s unbelievably proportioned cock!

Then again, what else would you expect? The boy is blessed with one of nature’s wonders, and Sharp and Zilina jostle for position in a bid to slobber and feast on the monster! All things considered it’s Sharp who gets the bigger share of the inches in his mouth – which is arguably a sign of things to come given that it’s his raw ass that serves as the focal-point for action once matters have turned decidedly anal!

Initially the guy takes a ride on Zilina’s ramrod, as if to get him the mood; but it’s painfully obvious that what Sharp really wants inside him is that humungous ass-stretcher of Reed’s; and, having been banged on his back and then taken a momentary “rest” in the form of another bout of oral, he’s soon riding the beast cowboy-style in a flagrant attempt to secure the most pleasure possible! Given the predicament, it’s no small wonder that he’s soon creaming himself silly; whilst Zilina spurts all over his face as he does so. That leaves Reed chance to knock out his load as his pals work his spurting crown!

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More Rokas, please.

klingsor, 28/March/2015

I was expecting to see the Gabriel, Noah and Jace scene today but WOW this scene was pretty much perfect. Especially from about 14:00 onwards. All 3 guys are very beautiful and were very lucky to be with the other 2 in this scene, Milan was the focal point and he clearly enjoyed it, which was summed up by the way that he sprayed his load everywhere. Safe to say that I would have swapped places with any of these guys even for just a minute. Well done to the Staxus team for producing such a great piece of work, unfortunately you haven't always received the praise you deserve when you have produced great work but hopefully you will receive some for this one!!

Funtime, 28/March/2015

Very nice triple..was surprised how horny Rokas acts...great!

Chris, 28/March/2015

With his 31 scenes on the site ( ! ) Milan is surely one of the most filmed model of Staxus. Never mind, he always gives the best and his performances are great, also here. Nice to see the newie cute Rokas that performed so well in his first appearance in full bottoming, giving here a good pounding to Milan. This is why what we like at Staxus : versatile nice guys, good at both giving and taking !

christian, 28/March/2015

WOW! What a hell of a scene! From the first three-way kiss (03:39) to the last, the actions, videography and editing were very good. I loved the lengthy worshipping of Jace's cock - who wouldn't? After the initial fucking by Rokas of the willing Sharpe rear-end, the first moment of brilliance in the movie was the change of fuck positions at 13:40. It was effortless and natural - unlike so many of the contrived shifts one sees so often. At 15:00 another change of position was excellent culminating in the sizzling hot side view of Milan arching his back with the narrow small of his back and his beautiful buns hanging down being thrust from below by the mighty Jace ramrod. It was completely apparent at this stage that with Sharpe and Reed knowing exactly how to have lots of fun, that young Rokas was superfluous. His head kept popping up in obvious places but the action was not his. I doubt his presence made any difference to what was a brilliant twosome. Sure, he delivered a juicy jizz into Milan's face but that, and his initial fucking were about all of any consequence. Jace Reed's cum shots were brilliant, and his suggestion that they still had some energy left to go snow-boarding made me giggle. Well done Staxus team. We knew you could do it.

Jasyn19, 28/March/2015

Fucking sensational!! Amazing guys, amazing intensity and performances. Jace was a true star, he gave Milan a really nice super rough and deep pounding. My absolute favorite part was when Rokas was sucking Jace's cock and stopped Jace immediately pushed Rokas head down on his cock like "you're not done sucking my cock yet" I hit the 4 star rating by misstake but this is definatly a 5 star scene, the only thing that could have made it better would have been more ass to mouth action. But other than that perfection =D

biggerthebetter, 28/March/2015

Par cette immense réalisation qui atteint une fois de plus la perfection absolue, John SMITH et son équipe ont à nouveau tutoyé les sommets du porno gay. Jace et Milan ont été(comme d'habitude) excellents et Rokas est un formidable nouveau modèle. De plus, le calendrier d'avril laisse augurer un nouveau mois exceptionnel. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 28/March/2015

A Classic scene with great Boys and a new star. I love threesomes.

Neville, 28/March/2015

sometimes a scene is average, but this scene was pure magic. Cudos to the staxus team and John Smith!

biggerthebetter, 29/March/2015

One word: Perfection! :-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 29/March/2015

Perfect for me is the return of Milan Sharp. Never should have stopped shooting for Staxus ! With him, I feel we can have always the best of sex. Doubts about it ? Well, if we look at Jace and Rokas, it's easy to understand that with Milan it's so good (or easy) to enjoy sex. Jace took him and almost forgot ;) that Rokas wanted to have Milan as well ;) ... Milan : sooooooo nice to have you here again !

Vaclav, 30/March/2015

I agree with Vaclav. Milan sharp is someone like a staxus star for years now..he belongs to it.great to see him again since his long absense...I especially like the moment when his rosa shining asshole is filmed and beeing rimmed by Rokas..yummy! This is a clip which can`t offer more of passion and lasciviousness!

Chris, 30/March/2015

beautiful ! great ! young boys shaved !!! what a pleasure !!!!please again agan and again !!!!

bdem16, 02/April/2015

PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU ON BEHALF OF MANY CONOISSEURS: MORE OF THAT ANGEL ROKAS. He is the perfect submissive. You should NOT use him in dominant roles. His duty and privilege is to please the studs who consent to service him. More ass-eating would be lovely!

calmlake, 10/April/2015

all good guys and I would love to see beautiful Rokas struggling with a black guy

roingh, 11/April/2015

Only huge fat schlong satisfies Milans moist boy cunt.

Hugo, 01/March/2018

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