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Horny Soccer Buddies Kick Off With A Spunky Flip-Flop Fuck! (Raw Score Scene #1) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 108)
Added: 08/April/2015
Duration: 23 minutes, 38 seconds
Comments: 25


Some boys live for their football – eating and sleeping the game morning, noon and night! Other lads, however, still seem to find time to enjoy the other sweet pleasures that life has for the young. Guys like Erik Franke and Yuri Adamov, who take the first opportunity to quit watching a game so that they can give their fullest attention to each other. And no pretty wonder really, given that both these lads (as we probably all know by now) are fucking gorgeous! Indeed, the mutual attraction is almost palpable, as they slip out of their soccer kits so that they can feast on each other’s handsome, hairless love-sticks – though, oddly enough, their football boots stay on throughout!

Not that you’ll take much notice of that peculiarity, we’re quite sure. You’ll be way too busy hanging onto your own dick as these two beauties engage in a horny session of fellatio; prior to Franke pushing his pal over a table so that he can first finger and then fuck Adamov’s ever-hungry little pucker! If you think this is going to be a straight-forward set-piece, however, think again. Having taken every inch that Franke has to offer, Adamov promptly instigates the two lads switching roles.

As a result, it’s soon Franke’s turn to get his arse stretched; the dark-haired buddy giving his blonder mate every inch he can muster in return. It’s no time at all before Adamov is creaming Franke’s ass with a solid spew of spunk; but it’s arguably Franke’s climax, directly into his scoring partner’s mouth, that will gain greatest acclaim. All nicely topped off with a very sticky, snowballing smooch!

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2 of my favourite young men, and, at the top of their game. Only way it could possibly be better than this is if Sven were in the mix!

Gregorik, 08/April/2015

Nice to see them in action..Yuri is a must and also Erik with his boyish attitude...5 points

Chris, 08/April/2015

You guys are killing me. Two of my FAVs at Staxus. I love kissy soccer boys and these two are obviously HOT for each other. You know when they are bonered up from the kissing that it's going to be good. Yuri's balls deep BJ was awesome, I know Erik enjoyed that. This was so HOT I didn't even make it till the end before my 'boys' let loose. That's OK cause now I can watch it later and try again. Really nice guys. BTW, what was the common language they were speaking? PS, I like the 5 o'clock shadow on Yuri ❤dr

dr24, 08/April/2015

Ok enough of Yuri Adamov and also Erik! Surely we could rotate and have so many other of hot Staxus young men in new updates? It's get tiring seeing the same performers over and over again....time for a change please. Bring back Arthur Kral (bottom pls), Will Hornet, Victor Diamond (bottom pls), Harry Vakker, Sam Williams, Zac Todd (where is he?), Adrian Smallwood (please bring him back as regular bottom!!), Dick Casey...and many others. Love your site but we need a bit more mix and variety!

bucko0710, 08/April/2015

STAXUS a de nouveau gâté aujourd'hui ses abonnés amateurs de sublimes petits minets en action et, je pense que nous sommes très nombreux dans ce cas-là. Erik (mon petit chouchou) est de plus en plus brillant clip après clip. Quant à Yuri, il encore livré une prestation exceptionnelle à la hauteur de son immense talent. John SMITH et son équipe ont encore rendu ce soir une copie parfaite et des félicitations méritées s'imposent une fois de plus.

Pascaloux, 08/April/2015

Absolutely wonderful. Both Yuri and Erik are in my top 5 Staxus models and after seeing them with Hector, I was dying to see them together again. Safe to say that I wasn't disappointed. Their willingness to use their tongues with each other suggests that there is natural chemistry between them as well, which is always good to see.

Funtime, 08/April/2015

Despite the craze from some members, this time I would fully agree with bucko0710 that we saw a lot recently of Erik and Yuri performing up and down alone or together, even if they do it well. Bucko0710's suggestion for the return of some great models is welcome : Luke Vogel, Sam Wiliams, Arthur Kral bottoming mmm ! + so many others, not Yuri in 1/4 of the movies or if so, why not dedicate a special site just for his aficionados !! lol . Take care.

Christian, 08/April/2015

I love these Boys who are exclusive to Staxus. Please keep them employed as I adore them and to have them together was great. They are my favourites ! I would love them pissing and fisting WOW :-) xxxxx

Neville, 09/April/2015

hi christian - the problem is that to keep tjhe guys you have to give them work - if you dont they go and become escorts and dont come back. so we try to stike a balance - enough work to keep them, not so much that we have them too much. Yuri we have spoken to about cutting him back, and eric does only 2 scenes a month from now on. we do try our best to juggle all these competing demands.

steve, 09/April/2015

Hello Steve ! Thanks for answering. i of course fully understand the point. I just gave you my viewer's / customer's clear understandable point of you : for me unlike other members here, I would not agree seeing the site with just Yuri and Erik ! But it is not like that, I know, and globally I do think that you manage to keep the balance overall between new fesh faces and oldtimers. Maybe you'll have to think of widering your reach to other countries / places to find other guys, despite costs and logistics... Keep on the good job ! We keep supporting you.

Christian, 11/April/2015

Excellent scene with two of your hottest models, loved the tongue play and tongue sucking by Yuri on Erik, so hot.

Staxusfan, 12/April/2015

Two young lads and cute at that.I loved it from the playing of the nipples to the fucking would love to go to bed with those lads

Simonxxx, 17/April/2015

top scene, they are absolutely at their best! The only thing missing is a good pissing finale...;-)

Julienxxx, 31/May/2015

Two noble, sacred little gay Lions. Most sweet their french gay Kisses. We hope to see them soon in the streets around the world.

Paolo Rome, 18/July/2015

What is most beautiful of a good Sodomy every Day ? Anything. Sodomy is a new Faith of the World!!

Paolo, 13/January/2017

but spiritual energy is better

Paolo, 14/January/2017

bring erik back! Erik, brad fitt, and Martin are your best three

erikfan, 08/September/2017

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