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Pizza Boy Gets Fucked Over & Creamed Big Time By Cocky Client! (Use Me! Scene #1) HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 81)
Added: 03/May/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s a storyline that’s as old as porn itself – the pizza delivery boy getting hit on by his horny, over-sexed customer – but what this terrific scene lacks in terms of originality it more than makes up for by the fact that the guy doing the delivering is none other than Noah Matous! No fucking wonder that Jonny Kingdom is so keen to “pay with his cock”, having taken exception to the quality of the pizza that’s been presented – let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to fuck the living daylights out of this floppy-haired bundle of sexual joy?

Not that Matous appears to be in any way put out by Kingdom’s advances. In fact, you can almost hear the boy purr with delight from the very moment that his disgruntled client makes him get down onto that thick, veiny cock; and within seconds he’s slurping and gobbling his way down to the root like a bitch on heat. Not only that, but he also soon develops a particular penchant for Kingdom’s balls, which he sucks and pleasures with such gusto that Kingdom is quite literally left gasping and groaning in delight! Yet there’s no disguising the fact that Matous is a lad who never truly happy until his legs are akimbo as far as they’ll go and his ass is being stretched to the point of buggery – and believe us, he’s come to the exactly the right place!

Indeed, the older fellow shows little if any mercy on the youngster’s fuck-hole, bundling him over a sofa and promptly pummelling the poor pup like a jack-hammer in overdrive! No doubt Matous struggled to put his legs together for a week after this shoot; with an arse load of jizz as a souvenir!

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This scene doesn't work for me. No tenderness or what so ever. I just don't like it at all!

hetloo, 03/May/2015

Johny is average, dont need to see him again. Noah loves the hard fucking as usual. He just craves to be used ;-) Yeah no tenderness but I did not expect that if the title says 'Use me'. We got enough soft scenes so its nice to see some harder stuff from time to time.

secondsky, 03/May/2015

Nothing really wrong with the guys, and an alright scene. But I must say after seing Noah's ass violated by Hector Augusti's cock this scene was a bit lame...

biggerthebetter, 03/May/2015

Sorry for being a bit like a broken record, but when will we get to see the whole schedule for may? =)

biggerthebetter, 03/May/2015

The roughness of the pizza delivery boy seems a little unaccustumed that we rarely know from staxus. But the vid is more than ok...what I especially like at staxus is the varriousness of the clips which are beeing produced ...4,5 stars:-)

Chris, 03/May/2015

I'm a big fan of the rough element to this scene, the rougher the better sometimes. Completely agree with @secondsky about Johny. Great to hear Noah moaning, though it's quite easy to miss his cumshot, it wasn't exactly explosive which suggests that he maybe didn't enjoy this experience as much as he has others.

Funtime, 03/May/2015

Bien qu'il y ait un réel manque de tendresse, cette scène est très chaude et la seule présence du petit coquin de Noah suffit à me contenter. En revanche, je constate que le calendrier complet du mois de mai n'a toujours pas été publié alors que le mois est commencé depuis trois jours. Je suis très impatient de le découvrir et j'espère pouvoir le consulter dans son intégralité dès ce lundi 04 mai en rentrant du travail.

Pascaloux, 03/May/2015

Nope, Not my favorite Noah scene but I just can't help but love him anyway...❤dr

dr24, 03/May/2015

Enjoyed very much the way Johnny prepared Noah's ass for this "Use me" dvd and it's easy to understand Johnny's addiction to Noah's ass... yes, it is ! And it's a pity not to see Noah's cumshot..yes ;(

Vaclav, 04/May/2015

Very hot rough scene. Just wish you could space Noah's appearances out a bit more. I love seeing him just not in bunches.

bobby, 04/May/2015

Fully agree with previous comment : Noah is great hot model, but seeing him every 3 days like we do now... is surely a lot. Staxus works by " wawes" of fashiobnable models it seems : you had been doing this with Yuri Adamov, or Erik Franke, now it seems to be the the turn of Noah's day of fame ?...

Christian, 04/May/2015

Loved Noah being raped in his scene.

Simon, 08/May/2015

Loved Noah being raped in his scene.

Simon, 08/May/2015

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