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Two Oiled Studs Wrestle, Finger & Fuck, Then Bust Their Nuts! (Oil Up Scene #4 HD)

4.4/5 (Total votes: 59)
Added: 09/July/2015
Duration: 22 minutes, 9 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s something strangely compelling about watching two potential alpha-males grapple it out for supremacy – a fact that director, John Smith, puts to total use when he pitches together Nick Vargas and Sam Williams for a full-on, fully-greased wrestling bout. Indeed, there’s every good chance that you’ll be struggling with a monster hard-on even before the two fellows have been relieved of their suits!

That, of course, will set you up nicely for the hardcore action that promptly ensues; with both guys continuing their strenuous tussle for supremacy, whilst making the most of the opportunity to feast on each other’s cocks! Given his tendency of late to adopt a more passive role, however, it perhaps doesn’t come as too much of a surprise when Williams eventually appears to submit to Vargas’s superior will; with the newcomer fingering his buddy’s ass and sucking on the fellow’s balls. Little wonder that Williams looks like he’s bordering on the narrow edge between excruciating pain and pleasure – a sensation that only intensifies once Vargas has pushed the fellow onto all fours and is burying his thick, meaty shaft deep inside him.

Indeed, it’s a little difficult to know at times as to whether Williams is enjoying himself or not; though given the clearly achingly hard rod that he maintains throughout and the fact that he ultimately creams like a whale at the end we suspect the experience was an altogether very pleasant one. A sentiment underlined by the manner with which he splurges on Vargas erupting cock-slit in the scene’s final seconds!

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This is such a hot, sexy clip! The oiling is so hot! The filming and editing is super! Just great!

hetloo, 09/July/2015

both guys are scorching nice in this so sexy video... The newie Nick has a SUPER ass and visibly he really enjoys pleasuring always hot Sam williams. Great chemistry between them. Are Nick Varga, Joel Varga and Troy Varga in any way related by the way / brothers ?? ( no biography of Nick on the site ).

Christian, 09/July/2015

@Christian Nick and Joel Vargas are real brothers. Nick is the oldest one. Troy is not related to them.

Staxus - Dennis, 09/July/2015

I really love the oil, they both have hot bodies but oiled up they look even better. Really liked the fact that Sam's butt and balls was clean shaven and smooth =D

biggerthebetter, 09/July/2015

My favourite gorgeous model Sam... and oiled up. Superb!!! I'd write more but er, well, yes, I am struggling with a monster hard-on....

London81, 09/July/2015

I love Sam! I know some people prefer Noah M., but he's too feminine for me... Give me more Sam!

Jay, 09/July/2015

I think Staxus should establish a minimum dick size for all its performers which would certainly be well north of these two gentlemen's endowments.

Robby, 10/July/2015

I love Sam too! Noah, yes, is too feminine for me. This really is a great scene.. guys, you've excelled yourself.

London81, 10/July/2015

Some lovely sucking here but shame Sam didn't shave his chest and stomach :(

Cranberry, 10/July/2015

@Cranberry agreed, there's a big discrepancy when it comes to the "hair issue" some members like lots of it and some none. (I'm one of the latter) It would be really cool to see Sam completly shaven/waxed (which we haven't seen yet), he has such a nice body it's a shame to cover it up with body hair...

biggerthebetter, 10/July/2015

@biggerthebetter Your wish is our command. See the latest scene :D

Staxus - Dennis, 11/July/2015

Missing : Could we plse have some usual words / biographical details about Nick Vargas ? => Enhances our experience to know a bit about models. ( age, country, favs etc.. )

Christian, 11/July/2015

Not a huge fan of oil scenes but love the way the oil showcased the hairyness of Sam. His body hair is exquisite. The hairier the better.

Doctor Bombay, 13/July/2015

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