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Staxus Classic: Bare Witness - Scene 3 - Remastered in HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 28)


Michael Getlin, Thomas Birch

Added: 20/November/2015
Comments: 25


With his stunning model looks, it’s something of a wonder that Michael Getlin didn’t become more of a household name in the porn-loving community. Alas, it seems, his career in front of the camera was cut prematurely short for whatever reason; whilst his on-screen partner here, Thomas Birch, only ever starred in one other scene. As a result, this little escapade – set in a locker room, which is secretly being monitored by CCTV – is even more of a precious gem than might otherwise be the case.

Is it a true classic? Well, you be the judge; as the divine Getlin steps out of the shower before his buddy and proceeds to give Birch’s pants a long, heavy sniff. It’s a move that clearly presses all the right buttons as far as this horned-up beauty is concerned, given the raging hard-on that’s very quickly emerging from his groin; and matters only get even more intense once Birch re-enters the room and discovers his pal engaged in his arguably embarrassing act. Not that either of these buddies appear red-faced, however. Indeed, Birch responds by making a bee-line for Getlin’s swollen ramrod; before Getlin returns the favour by slurping on every generous inch that his mate now has to offer.

By this point, of course, you’d be well within your rights to be knocking out your own pent-up load; but proceedings only intensify once Getlin takes the upper-hand and embarks on a no-holds-barred pounding of Birch’s ass-hole. All of which culminates in him splattering the bottom’s face; before Birch himself yanks out his own unbelievable pent-up wad to call it a wrap!

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i definitely loved this clip ; 2 hot horny guys making it all, and the full creamy cum load slurped in the end is really fantastic : so sexy !!

christian, 20/November/2015

Some great postorgasmic slurping at the end - with mouth full of sperm and prolonged...

CJ, 20/November/2015

Yes, this is a true staxus classic. Extremely well trained handsome lads and a flooting load of jizz at the end..this is so horny..good remastering in HD..5 of 5 points how might they look like today, still that cute :-)?

Chris, 20/November/2015

Both are hotties from the past! Love it.

hetloo, 20/November/2015

I love cum-eaters vids, especially when the guy sucks his cock after he explodes! And swallows his gizz, and continues to lick, suck, lick & suck!!

buddy smith, 22/November/2015

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