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Football Focus, Sc.1: Bickering Buddies Make Up Via A Sporty, Cum-Soaked Fuck-Fest! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 85)
Added: 10/February/2016
Duration: 29 minutes, 42 seconds
Comments: 25


New boys Enzo Sky (Czech shirt, German scarf) and Titus Snow (Portuguese shirt, Dutch scarf) clearly have something of a love-hate relationship – a rather bi-polar friendship that swings between lashing out at each other one moment and snogging each other the next. Still, that’s the way some bonds work; and suffice it to say that their bickering does not last long. Indeed, before you know it both these horny buddies have abandoned their quibbling – and their football! – and have settled down for some more intimate moments on the nearby sofa. Snow, especially, doesn’t seem able to hold back his interest for what’s inside his mate’s shorts – exposing Sky’s jockstrap and running his tongue along the handsome bulge.

Nor does Sky show any reticence in pulling off his strip and allowing his pal to finally take full advantage of his thick, meaty cock. By this point, of course, any hostility between the parties has been totally abandoned; with Sky soon returning Snow’s favour with some clearly badly-needed fellatio. But it’s Snow who ultimately takes the initiative; fingering his mate’s raised ass and then ploughing his dick deep inside for maximum impact.

What ensues is a terrific showcase of hardcore twink-on-twink action, that’s made all the fucking hotter by the fact that Snow actually wears his jocks throughout; and finally culminating in him quite literally unloading what seems to be the entire contents of his balls all over Sky’s pert little ass. That leaves Sky to rupture his sac onto Snow’s face in return, with the recipient lapping up the jizz like an errant whore!

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Cute twinks, a hot start, for me the hot scene ends because of Snow and his jockstrap. The end of this clip for me. 5* for the boys, the scene itself..., I don't know!

hetloo, 10/February/2016

What a pair of gorgeous fuckers! And what a great scene (but would have been nice to see them fully naked, at least for the last five minutes or so). Great kissing, blowing and finger-licking, and great fucking too. They really looked as if they were into each other, which always makes a scene so much hotter. Titus, you are one sexy beast. I love your tattoos and earrings and your stunning eyes. And your pointy cock rules!! This scene was very well planned, too, and there was no messing about with A2M etc. It flowed beautifully. Congrats to everyone involved! xxx

Aino Wave, 10/February/2016

Great scene! I loved the socks and the jock straps. It was hot seeing Titus sucking Enzo through his jockstrap, and then fucking him with his own jockstrap on.

Maike, 10/February/2016

Here it is - a simply perfect scene! Titus shows what I call real enthusiasm, and Enzo is his willing mate. I haven't seen so much tongue-kissing if you put together the last twenty or thirty scenes, I guess. Gorgeous! Go on like that!!

Paul, 10/February/2016

Definately the horniest and most emotional video for the last weeks or even months. There was passion and intimacy from the beginning to the end between each other. The soul kissing was fantastic to watch and I´m a big fan of soccer and soccer clothes anyway so it was heaven on earth for me. Both boys are so handsome and their boyish attitude - fantastic. I guess this is staxus as its best, young teenage slim gayboys who are really into each other. One could see that they were having fun and enjoyed it. No fucking just for bucks, but fucking because of horniness and natural fun. 5 of 5, definately!!

Chris, 10/February/2016

...have to add to my previous comment, the "seeding" would have been even a lot hotter if Titus had shot his load of jizz into! Enzos ass. Then after a while the cum lingered in Enzos warm butt it could have poured out of it. After this Titus could have slurped the "holy warm" cream :-) When do we get to see a horny moment like that? ;-)

Chris, 10/February/2016

@Chris, I can see we have a cummon ;) passion! Would have loved to see that, too. --- <br> All in all though, a perfect scene with perfect boys - really nothing to criticize for me regarding actors, set, story, action. A well-deserved 5/5! :-)) Just one question on the technical side: I missed the frequent, excellent close-ups from below and behind in mid-fuck action that I'm used to from Staxus clips, and that (for me, at least) contribute a lot to the high technical quality (next to the models, the set, make-up, lighting, camera in general) of Staxus videos - was this one actually directed/shot by John?

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 10/February/2016

Forgot to mention, like other members I noticed the extensive kissing, which makes the clip particularly hot and convincing! :)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 10/February/2016

Real beauty boys! Really hot performers with lots of glorious sucking, kissing, fingering and bareback fucking. No rimming, but the close-up shots of Enzo's delicious asshole were breath-taking! Beautiful cum shots! More of both of them please!

Ryan, 10/February/2016

Cette somptueuse vidéo d'une demi-heure est incontestablement le meilleur clip que vous ayez diffusé depuis le début de l'année. Les deux nouveaux modèles auxquels je viens d'octroyer la note de 5/5 sont magnifiques et ont fait des débuts extrêmement prometteurs. Il serait sans doute opportun de leur donner un contrat d'exclusivité parce qu'ils ont énormément à apporter au site. L'excellent travail réalisé lors du tournage de cette scène semble faire l'unanimité parmi les membres si j'en juge par la note moyenne très élevée et par les commentaires très élogieux. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 10/February/2016

Staxus is back in Champions League! Hot & Horny models enjoying their job. Johns seems to have more fun with his new camera, too.

Stefan, 10/February/2016

WOW!! It's all been said. Fabulous scene. Next to my favorite scene - Milan Sharpe & Chase Anderson, for me, the most cum drawing erotic scene in my 4 year Staxus membership, this scene is a very close second. 5* to all!

gregorik, 11/February/2016

Titus is cute and a virtuoso top. I loved the deep kissing. This scene has a real sense of momentum, with Titus driving the action.

AliusUK, 11/February/2016

Titus ... i like you. It's the first time i watch you on porn and i must say that you pleased me ... And even more because you were using a "nice" jersey and those amazing socks lol ... I know what i mean with this ;)

Vaclav, 14/February/2016

Good performance from both of them =) Not to be overly negative but they both do have quite unusual looks so it looked a bit weird with both of them together, Enzo come off a bit femme I would prefer a more masculine haircut and less makeup on him =)

biggerthebetter, 15/February/2016

Two superb models and great action. Enzo is a great beauty and I hope we see a lot more of him in the future. Titus is a great deepthroater and I would honestly like to see him doing just that for a whole video. The ending of this one is the hottest part imho, along with the extended kissing. I'm afraid I don't like jockstraps or anything getting in the way of the models' beauty. To me these contrived settings add nothing to the erotic quality, the reverse in fact. Put them in a nice comfortable bedroom and let them get on with it!

Oldfrat, 16/February/2016

Nice attractive boys, beautifully shaven balls and cocks and some wonderful deep throating by Titus. Longer in total unshamed nudity would have improved things but horny all the same. More of these two beauties please!

Blow2go, 23/April/2016

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