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Raw Medics 1, Sc.4: Newcomer Gets His Arse Marked (Literally!) & Fucked Red Raw! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 51)
Added: 26/March/2016
Duration: 23 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


New boy, Zach Hansen, clearly has an interest in anatomy – something that his medical buddy, Enzo Sky, takes full advantage of when he catches the young fellow snoozing on the sofa. Of course, the more observant of you will note that Sky’s doctoring skills actually involve him being able to remove Hansen’s pants by means of the mere flick of his eyes – a rather laudable feat in anyone’s book, surely, but which in this instance allows him to playfully scribble on the sleeping boy’s bare skin. By the time Hansen has returned to consciousness, Doctor Sky has reached for his anal retractor – at which point, unsurprisingly, matters gain a distinctly more febrile manner.

Indeed, it’s no time at all before the newbie is down on his knees, giving Sky’s hairless cock the kind of oral workout that it surely deserves; before the medic eagerly returns the favour. But it’s clear by this point that what Hansen really wants now is the feel of his mate’s big, aching shaft probing around in his hind quarters – an ambition that a fellow like Sky is always only too willing to make a reality.

Cue a terrific set-piece that sees the new STAXUS star getting hammered in a variety of positions – from behind, from beneath, from the front! – which not surprisingly culminates in him finally spewing the contents of his balls all over his own belly. All of which gets Sky so excited that he simply has to sit back and jerk out his own creamy wad – which is eagerly intercepted by Hansen, who laps up at the resultant goo with his tongue and then insists on sharing a hot, creamy smooch for a top-notch finale!

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There is a lot to enjoy in this video, but I felt that it lacked pace and the boys were not really comfortable with each other. The kissing at the beginning was half-hearted, with no tongues. Zach is a handsome, sexy lad, but I felt he needed to be 'carried' on his first outing by a more confident top, who could drive the action. Zach gave us a magnificent cum shot and I enjoyed the cum-covered tongue play at the end.

AliusUK, 26/March/2016

You saved the best to the end.

Dong, 26/March/2016

Great pairing of guys =) I loved loved the speculum part, the doctors coat and the stethoscope. And regarding that question on the blog about a scene all about anal play my personal answer would be YES! it would be very hot to watch =)

biggerthebetter, 26/March/2016

Ce quatrième clip sur le thème de la médecine est excellent comme l'ont d'ailleurs été les trois précédents. Les deux modèles sont magnifiques. Enzo est un ange qui vidéo après vidéo s'affirme comme une valeur sûre pour le site. Quant au petit nouveau, je le trouve très sexy, ses débuts sont convaincants et j'ai hâte de le revoir en action. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 26/March/2016

except of the silly and boring doctor's story a hot teen's movie! I would like to watch more of these boys

raistu, 27/March/2016

Agree with biggerthebetter, I also liked the speculum part very much. New guy Zach is very very beautiful. Nothing special to complain about. At the end the cum licking from Enzo`s dick was sexy too. 4,5 of 5

Chris, 27/March/2016

@staxus: could you please fill in the model stats of this cute newcomer Zach?

Chris, 27/March/2016

I do like the medical theme... but again, as in all parts of this DVD, I don't think it has been well exploited beyond a mere costume style: In this clip, I can't see any indication either models or crew understood that a speculum is actually more than just a strangely shaped, tiny dildo? Hm... the models are nice, but all in all it's not one of the most convincing videos recently and no reason for enthusiasm. As has been said before, indeed the cum play in the end is the best part.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 28/March/2016

@Nympho are so right...just put the speculum into Tach`s ass was good looking but boring. Enzo could have played so much with the speculum in Tachs ass...spread the butt open it as wide as possible, eamine the hole inside let Tach enjoy the speculum. Bummer :-(

Chris, 28/March/2016

I just love Enzo!!! Want more!!!

Fan1, 24/May/2016

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