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Sperm Team, Sc.2: Basement Fantasy Leaves New Boy Buggered, Creamed & Happy! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 03/July/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 21 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s a very seductive and dreamy quality to the start of this intensely erotic escapade between Johny Cherry and STAXUS new boy, Leo Jenkins. Candles, coloured lighting, relaxing music – it might almost be nearly enough to induce a soporific stupor, were it not for the fact that you’ve got two of the hottest young twinks in Prague hanging around with their cocks in their hands! Indeed, these two buddies are soon engaged in what appears to be a face-to-face jerk-off; before the fantasy very quickly transforms itself into a full-on anal romp, with Cherry thrusting his meaty, aching shaft into his buddy’s jock-strapped ass!

It’s one of the quickest fucks we’ve ever seen in one of our scenes, that’s for sure; but with the fantasy fading almost as quickly as it began, we’re soon back to a position where the two lads are kissing and fondling their cocks in foreplay. At which point things take on a much more conventional route; with Jenkins taking the chance to feast on Cherry’s handsome ramrod, before plonking himself on the fellow’s lap so that he can ride it cowboy-style.

Just seeing the novice riding that gorgeous beaut, as his own cock bounces happily in rhythm, is possibly more than enough to get a good many of you reaching for the tissues; as will the sight, shortly afterwards, of Jenkins laid out on his back, legs akimbo, as his pal pummels his hungry little crack for all it’s worth. All of which soon results in both guys taking it in turns to unload their money-shots on each other’s lips; before they exchange a sloppy, sensual, open-mouthed kiss to call it a wrap!

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Sometimes one of one doesn't excite me so much, but that cum play in the end, the guys kissing eachother and playing around with Johny's load between their mouths, yum! ;)

biggerthebetter, 03/July/2016

This clip was oustanding. New boy Leo seems to be addicted beeing punded hard and deep. And Johny satisfies him with a long anal session. The filming in the beginning and at the end from the ground where we can see Leo beeing punded was fantastic. Oh how much do I like these underpants, how are they called cause aren`t jockstraps?! Missed some rimming but forget about it. A total winner and now I`m stopping writing cause when I think of Leo my dick grows and becomes humid of hornyness ;-)

Chris, 03/July/2016

Very good clip ; nice colors, setting and photogaphy. The chemistry between the 2 boys is good and the newbie Leo has all it takes : super ass that missed here some good rimming. Seeing him spreadeagled while getting pounded was as nice and the so horny cummy tongue play and deep kiss in the end. Lovely. More of Leo !

christian, 03/July/2016 the way...Leo`s hairy legs turned me on on the highest level. Like it that way and indeed the romantic kissing with sharing the jizz was larger than life. Hopefully Leo will start a long and great porncareer here at staxus

Chris, 05/July/2016

Another very sexy duo. Loved both these two. The fucking is great!

Ryan, 08/July/2016

Yes, loved the mouth sharing of cum. Would be great to see a hot tongue up Leo's ass next time.

Josh, 17/July/2016

These are two extremely sexy boys. I've always fancied John Cherry rotten. He's so young and fresh faced. This is a great video with newcomer Leo, who is just great, with a very sexy ass. I hope we'll be seeing more of him soon.

Ryan, 03/August/2016

2 herrliche junge Hengste wunderbar wie die beiden den fetten Samen im Mund tauschen man spürt wie Saft-geil die Beiden sind wirklich tolle Hengste

Roland, 05/September/2016

pure gay Mysticism. The two Boys are so sweet and elegant. But they have also a splendid Manhood. Superb Video !!

Paolo, 13/January/2017

and I want to add one more Thing: video so spiritual are an added Value to the Success in the World of noble Sodomy and homosexual Love. Sodomy some new Religion of the World, especially for the younger Generation. Simply delicious.

Paolo, 13/January/2017

Also very suggestive Scenes with the background of the Candlelight during elegant Sodomy and especially when Johnny ejaculates deliciously in the Mouth of her Boyfriend: it's the religious Sense of Love and of the sacred homosexual Lust. Wonderful !!

Paolo, 13/January/2017

but spiritual love is better

Paolo, 14/January/2017

However superb Video. Gay Se as religious Worship of Masculinity, of gay Lust as God's Power, as Spirituality.

Paolo Monaco, 05/February/2017

The Cock is God, who enters in his sacred Altar, the noble Ass. And God manifests itself also with his holy Orgasm and with the wonderful and powerful Ejaculation of the his sacred Sperm.

Paolo Monaco, 05/February/2017

but no, I'm wrong, God is only Purity.

Paolo Monaco, 05/February/2017

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