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Biker Boyz, Sc.3: Oiled-Up New Boy Gets His Butt Stretched By Dunn’s Hard Axle! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 61)
Added: 28/July/2016
Duration: 24 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


STAXUS favourite, Benjamin Dunn, has always been keen to teach a fresh face a few new tricks – and no less so than when it comes to showing young rookie, Seb Priestley, how to keep a bicycle in tip-top condition. But it’s not long before he’s taking advantage of the situation for his own carnal interests; using the gear oil to splash onto his buddy, then rubbing the lubricant into Priestley’s skin! It’s a clearly very erotically-charged move, of course, made all the more intense by the fact that both lads are sporting such provocative gear; but suffice it to say that the newcomer displays no sign of any reticence, allowing the older guy to eagerly slurp on his now-swollen shaft.

It’s an opportunity that Dunn doesn’t shun for one moment – unsurprisingly! – as he feasts on all that young, fresh dick like a being possessed; but the truth remains that his number one priority at this point is getting access to Priestley’s tight, underworked pucker. Anyone fearing that this might become a mission too far for Dunn shouldn’t worry too long, however. The long-time pro makes getting balls-deep into the young lad’s fuck-hole look as easy as riding a bike; piling almost mercilessly to ecstasy and leaving Priestley’s pucker literally gaping in the process.

It proves the perfect starting performance for a no-holds-barred banging that will almost certainly leave you as drained as the boys themselves – Priestley riding Dunn cowboy-style, then taking every inch on his back. All culminating in two stunning blasts of pent-up spunk, one of which (Dunn’s) leaves Priestley’s ass dripping with jizz!

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Sexy Benjamin has found himself a young newcomer beauty to add to his collection of conquests. The use of the bicycle oil makes it a very sexy video. The action is very hot, especially the tasty rimming of the sweet hole before some quite intense bareback action. The cum shooting is pretty hot too!

Ryan, 28/July/2016

I am personally not a big fan of oiling bodies, but this is only my cup of tea. Nevertheless the scene was marvellous. New guy Seb looks like an innocent angel but he really seems to like beeing pounded hard, long and deep. And wih Benjamins long and juicy dick nothing is easier than this. Horny gay action!

Chris, 28/July/2016

...besides I need to mention Seb`s asshole is so HOT! Wow..shining like diaments and not a single hair can be found. It surely tastes heavenly for Benjamin when he licks it out and enjoys Seb`s heavenly boy odor! I am one of the biggest fans of eating boyholes for hours and stining my tongue deep into butts, also in real life :-)

Chris, 28/July/2016

Cette vidéo très chaude est parfaite sur toute sa longueur. Comme à l'accoutumée le très charismatique Benjamin a été époustouflant. Quant au nouveau petit minet, il est adorable et a fait des débuts très prometteurs. Si vos fantastiques clips méritent dans 95 % des cas de recevoir des éloges mérités, je ne peux pas en dire autant sur votre rapidité pour renseigner les fiches signalétiques des nouveaux modèles.

Pascaloux, 28/July/2016

When a "sex machine" (Benjamin) is in action i think we can have a good result. And Seb knows what happened :) . Benjamin is a reliable performer. Always good ! Seb : first time here. Cute boy. As Chris said here, gorgeous ass indeed. Seb did a nice job here, but Benjamin deserves (again) my attention.

Vaclav, 29/July/2016

Very horny video. Benjamin is always performing well and new Seb is absolutely delicious. His asshole is so appetizing and he real takes all of his partner's dick so easilly. Nice final cumshot.

Christian, 04/August/2016

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