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Bareback Gym Buddies 2, Sc.3: Gym Buddy Daydreamer Gets His Pert Twink Arse Pounded Raw! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 11/August/2016
Duration: 24 minutes, 21 seconds
Comments: 25


Like lots of young men, Johnathan Strake wants to keep his body in real good shape. Unfortunately, that’s a task that involves a great deal of energy and commitment – something that he seems to be lacking in the first few moments of this terrific little escapade. Truth is he’d much rather be imagining his dream date than exercising; though given that it’s the gorgeous Seb Priestley who’s the subject of his fantasies, who can really blame him? Indeed, any pretence of keeping fit the traditional way is promptly abandoned once the dream starts to become a reality; with the two lads enjoying an early smooch, before Priestley launches an attack on Strake’s beautiful ramrod.

It’s a move that most certainly seems to strike a chord with both buddies – Strake lying back to enjoy every stroke of Priestley’s tongue over his shaft, before the roles are reversed. Finally, the two mates enjoy a simultaneous 69-ing session – feasting on hard cock in its prime like a couple of over-sexed whores. It’s enough to get most fans to the brink in itself, but matters only intensify once Strake submits to the inevitable, gets on his back and allows Priestley to fuck his tight little twink ass for all that it’s worth.

Anyone doubting that the young bottom is enjoying this stupendous session should take note of Strake’s drooling end as his butt gets pounded; but his pleasure only intensifies as Priestley pummels him in a whole succession of positions, culminating in him spewing over his own belly in response. Leaving Priestley to blast his wad into Strake’s mouth for a gorgeously gooey conclusion!

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This scene cannot be played "error"

pugs, 11/August/2016

Would love to see it but it wont play

wackotacko1!, 11/August/2016

Fucking hot sweethearts! Sweaty boys after finishing their gym become horny and directly start with soul kissing.Jonathan is a born bottom who is into hard and deep fucking. The moment at 13:23 we can see Jonathans pre cum on his trained body, fucking sexy and at the end the boys cumshots. Definately 5 of 5! These youngsters we will see regularly!

Chris, 11/August/2016

Very hot indeed. Especially the leaking pre cum and cum swallowing at the end. Hmmmm more of this please :)

Robin, 11/August/2016 the way I assume Jonathan and Seb are also gay in their real life ! because such prominent passion can only arise from their deepest hearts. Jonathan has a boner almost the whole time and the pre cum shows that he is glowing of horniness. One of the best vids ever published it would guess...!

Chris, 11/August/2016

Very very beautiful, loved the complete draining of every drop of Boy juice.

pugs, 11/August/2016

Cette fois encore, je ne peux que porter aux nues le talent incommensurable et inné de John qui a encore réalisé une oeuvre d'art réunissant deux adorables angelets. Le magnifique petit Seb a démontré dans ce clip qu'il est aussi brillant comme actif qu'il l'avait été en tant que passif lors de sa première prestation avec Benjamin DUNN. Quant au merveilleux petit Jonathan, il fait désormais partie de mes chouchous parmi vos modèles. Non seulement il est mignon tout plein mais il est aussi très coquin et talentueux. Seb et Jonathan sont deux formidables trouvailles qui devraient faire le bonheur de vos adhérents dans les mois à venir. Il est néanmoins regrettable de devoir vous signaler à nouveau que les fiches signalétiques de cinq nouveaux modèles n'ont pas encore été renseignées. Félicitations pour cette excellente vidéo : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 11/August/2016

I think i'm not wrong when i say something like this : Jonathan and Seb are the cutest boys presented here during 2016. Jonathan is so.....down to earth and his boyish face captured my attention. Seb also makes me think about his body. Gorgeous. No more words needed for these 2 guys !!

Vaclav, 12/August/2016

5 stars. These guys are a fantastic pairing. Amazing!

petbear, 20/August/2016

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