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Army Dropouts, Sc.1: Flip-Flop Army Boys Relish An Outdoor Fuck With Oodles Of Jizz! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 21/August/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


For those who may have been wondering what’s happened to young horny Brit boy, Titus Snow, this scene may provide the answer – he’s gone blond, and he’s joined the army! What’s more, he seems to have developed a more aggressive persona given the way he treats fellow recruit, Jacob Waterhouse, at the start of this scene; pushing the chap to the floor and disarming him of his gun. But of course it’s weapons of a very different nature that interests Snow, as quickly becomes apparent when he thrusts his hand down the Czech lad’s khakis; then promptly suckles on the big, fat cock that he finds inside.

Given the abrupt and brutish manner with which Waterhouse has been treated up to this point, you could be easily forgiven for expecting the lad to balk at the advance. On the contrary, however, the youngster seems to relish the assault; and it’s not long before he’s taking the opportunity to see Snow’s armoury for himself, slurping on his mate’s handsome shaft with characteristic relish. Indeed, the fellow is so hyped-up for action that he’s soon rimming Snow’s ever-hungry arse-hole; and following on by thrusting his aching ramrod deep inside the fellow’s guts. It’s exactly the kind of invasion that an officer like Snow loves; but he’s not alone in such affection, and it’s not too long before Waterhouse is yearning for the same attention.

Cue a stupendous flip-flop fuck session that will almost certainly blow your mind – not to mention your cock! – and which only relents when both pals succumb to the inevitable with a tremendous discharge of delicious, sticky jizz!

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nice one guys,Titus pushes all my buttons.

bodoman666, 21/August/2016

So mehrmals angeschaut… Aber mir fehlte da irgendwie das Salz in der Suppe. Die Darsteller sind schon erste Sahne .. herrlich wie Jacob an Titus Loch fingert, leckt und dann seinen Kolben reinschiebt …Die Kameraeinstellung dazu perfekt.Titus stöhnen dabei wirkt echt.. er genoss sicherlich den Fick.. Schnitt …. Dann sieht man Jacobs schönes Loch das einfach nur wartet genommen zu werden..Hätte mir gewünscht das Titus es vorher noch ausgiebig geleckt hätte, aber durch das Interview weis man das er es nicht (gerne) macht. Das ist dann auch OK so…Als Titus fickte wirkte er schon erregend. Der grauenhafte Schnitt in der 18.34 Minute ..Titus steckte noch in Jacobs Arsch..Schnitt ..schon sieht man Jacobs Schwanz in Titus eindringen..Nicht mal den Anstich sieht man voll…beim Schnitt ist schon Jacubs Eichel drin…Der Schluss mit den Höhepunkten (das Abspritzen wirkte fad)Einfach auf den Bauch gewixt …Ein bischen Versöhnung dann als Titus Jacobs abgespritzen Schwanz in seinen Mund nahm….ihn genüsslich ableckte und die Küsse anschliesend … Durch das fehlen des “Salzes” und “einige” Grauenhafte Schnitte gebe 4 von 5 Sternen

dieter, 21/August/2016

Fantastic video. Lovely cock sucking. Jacob rimming Titus's beauty hole just great! The bareback fucking of Titus really hot. Then when they reversed roles and Titus opened Jacob's wonderful hole! I wanted to rim that hole so much! Then Titus opened that hole with his big cock. This video is just heaven! Please give us more like this one! Plenty of rimming!

Ryan, 21/August/2016

I liked this video very much. Soldier boys in their uniforms and arming are a totally turn on! Titus new colored hairstyle is interesting and he, combined with cutie Jacob made the action perfect. Congratulations !

Chris, 21/August/2016

superb the Erection of Titus during the powerful Sodomy.

Paolo Monaco, 12/August/2017

In any Case, spiritual Forces are winning.

PaoloMonaco, 13/August/2017

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