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When The Bells Ring, Sc.3: Flip-Flop Veg Lovers Taste Raw Dick & Exchange A Spunky Kiss! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 18/June/2017
Duration: 30 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s breakfast-time at the mission house, and the boys are not unnaturally very hungry; but for Mark Fontana and Lucas Drake it’s an appetite of a much more carnal nature that’s concentrating their attention. So much so that at the first opportunity they’re snogging each other’s faces off and ripping off their clothes. Of course, anyone who knows these boys would never expect anything less; and it will come as little surprise to see fall to his knees in order to worship his pal’s succulent, uncut shaft and beautiful low-hangers. Nor will anyone be particularly amazed to see Drake returning the favour – feasting on Fontana’s nicely curved ramrod and acting out the bitch.

What may come as a little bit of an eye-opener – not to mention an ass-opener! – is when Fontana decides to spice things up a little bit by thrusting a handsomely sized courgette into Drake’s very welcoming hole; playfully tonguing the vegetable as if to lube it for the occasion. It’s a very kinky, imaginative introduction to the fucking that promptly ensues; with Drake manfully taking his mate’s dick like the veritable pro that he is, prior to Fontana deciding to enjoy his share of the action by plonking himself down on his mate’s knob and riding it reverse-cowboy style.

Ever the greedy one, however, Drake can’t resist another taste of hard dick in his guts before the encounter comes to an end – a fitting testimony to the lad’s cock-crazed reputation, and which soon brings him to a sticky climax. All of which leaves Fontana to cream Drake’s cute little face with a sac-load of jizz, before both exchange a gooey goodbye kiss!

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<3 this scene was so good. Lucas can top too, but really with such a fine ass and extraordinary hole I want to see him filled up as much as absoutely possible in every single scene =D cool to see him versatile but every second seeing him with a cock or something else inside him kinda drives me crazy (in the best of ways)

biggerthebetter, 18/June/2017

Lucas and Mark are just so wonderfully sexy and give us a really special treat in this scene. The rimming is of the best and the flip flop action is just the greatest. I just love their total commitment in the making of this video. They look totally together and enjoying the action. I find them both so sexy. Mark doesn't really need the tattoo on his neck. But his earrings do something to enhance his natural good looks. Very, very sexy. Give us more! I love these boys!

Ryan, 18/June/2017

The neck-ink was a downer for me as well the setting of this scene did'nt work for me either. Lucas is hot and his butt...!

bently, 18/June/2017

Wasting Lucas' ass by having him top is just silly.

trex, 18/June/2017

Loved every second of this scene from the breakfast table to the lovely singing to the Boys I adore.Lucas has always been a favourite but I do think I've fallen for this Boy Mark. I have taken the picture of him laying on the floor arms folded with his gorgeous brown eyes looking at me on my desk top picture. Mark is Fabulously sexy. More of Mark please *****xxxxx

Pugs, 19/June/2017

Nice assplay with the cucumber. Lucas Drake is the born passie slut...:-)

Chris, 20/June/2017

Where can I find a gay cucumber? :=)

Jerry, 20/June/2017

Lucas is getting more and more gorgeous and sexy. I want to suck him off so bad, and swallow every drop of his creamy goo!

hornytony, 26/June/2017

Great to see those 2 usually very passive guys having lots or fun flip flopping and banging each others.

Christbdx, 04/August/2017

Mark is so sexy and love the tattoo on his neck. Love watching him fuck other twinks raw. Would love to see him cum inside one of these cute asses

Sam, 18/August/2017

Christ! gorgeous the Cock of Mark, so powerful, turgid and wonderfully shiny while ejaculate !!

PaoloMonaco, 28/August/2017

And, I forgot, Mark's Cock, so arched and solid, is a wonderful Set Design.

PaoloMonaco, 28/August/2017

but, true Penis, true Virility, must to be a Manifestation of the Soul.

PaoloMonaco, 29/August/2017

I'm a big fan of Mark Fontana. He's very sexy and committed to his scene partners, and has an offbeat look that I find really hot. It was delightful to see this smaller lad get to fuck the incomparable Lucas Drake.

Ty Huber, 04/March/2018

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