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Raw Builders, Sc.2: Horny Worker Sizes His Mate Up With A Hard, Raw Ass-Fucking! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 35)
Added: 06/July/2017
Duration: 18 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


Everyone knows it’s vitally important to have overalls that fit you when you’re a workman of any kind – after all, you have to spend all day, every day in them! But petite Spaniard, David Sky, takes accommodating his work colleague’s need for new clothing to a whole new level when Titus Snow arrives for a fitting. After all, most fitters are content with sizing their client up with a tape-measure; but in this instance Sky very clearly wants to make sure he’s got a handle on every single aspect of Snow’s measurements, including the size of the thick, meaty dick that he’s got stashed in his pants. What’s more, he doesn’t bother wasting time getting a ruler out; instead he promptly falls to his knees and sizes Snow’s cock out with his mouth.

Of course, it’s all a very tongue in cheek introduction to this wild, raunchy encounter; and it’s not long before the taller lad is making his own assessment of Sky’s equipment in return, feasting on his buddy’s shaft with the kind of gusto that you’d anticipate from a lad of Snow’s reputation. But before you know it the Spanish boy’s attention has moved on to his colleague’s delicious fuck-hole, as he bundles Snow up against one of the work benches and presses home to full effect to ensure that every inch of that oversized knob hits home.

The result is a truly fantastic show-stopper of a performance, with Snow riding dick like a bitch on acid in a variety of positions; before he finally spews a furious spray of jizz all over himself mid-fuck. All of which presents Sky with the honour of signing off by wanking out his sticky climax all over his buddy’s chin!

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Worst boring scene of Staxus right now!

bently, 06/July/2017

Although I do like getting out of the bedroom once in awhile, some of these sets do nothing for me. This is one of those settings. Give me a shower to bedroom scene any day...

dr, 06/July/2017

The setting for this video is a bit unusual, in the garden store room. But these are two warm and sensual guys. I enjoy watching them both very much. Hot sucking and bareback fucking on the work bench. Not the most comfortable situation. But they both showed what the great stars they are. I loved the fucking and the final cum shot into the mouth of Titus is super. This still made 5 stars for me. I love all the Staxus models with their individual characters. These two are just great! Yummy stuff!

Ryan, 06/July/2017

Error loading file....please fix technical error for this great scene :-)

Robbie Hill, 06/July/2017

I like most of the staxus spots where the clips are beeing produced. This one is unusual but really interesting. Two craftsmen can`t resist touching it other which ends in a horny bareback fucking. Not a bad film but where was the rimming part:-(...missed it...4 of 5 points

Chris, 06/July/2017

error won't play!!!!!

xxestella, 07/July/2017

The video is not working! It says error loading media

Luca, 07/July/2017

Hello. We are working to fix this! Please check again in a few minutes. Thanks!

Site Admin - Timmy, 07/July/2017

A real shame David is covering his body with such unsightly tattoos - such a lovely body and perfect cock and balls! Some talented cocksucking in this film both ways round - but a shame that the final cum shot is not with as much milk as usual when David shoots into Titus's mouth at the end.

Marco, 08/July/2017

I love these "working man" scenes, myself! Keep em cumming!

mwhisky, 09/July/2017

I agree... too many tatts on such a beautiful boy! Nevertheless, fellatio is well performed by both and there is a good session of prolonged buggery - which Titus obviously enjoyed!

Randy boy, 11/July/2017

Somehow I love Titus, he's one of my favs. :-)

Seby, 11/July/2017

It has unfortunately nowadays become a new hype that especially youngsters destroy their nice looking juvenile bodies with ugly tatts. Can`t understand this

Chris, 24/August/2017

Shame that beautiful Titus is to go the same way with ugly tatts

Coco, 02/December/2017

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