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Raw Cuddles, Sc.4: Humped-Up Boyfriends Hammer Home To A Hot, Gooey Climax! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 03/August/2017
Duration: 35 minutes, 10 seconds
Comments: 25


A cursory glance at their names might somehow give the impression that these two young buddies are somehow related – that maybe we’re about to unleash some kind of incestuous debauchery on the world – and if that’s what you’re hoping for then prepare to be disappointed. However, there’s a relationship of sorts in as much as blond lad, Andy Scott, and his namesake, Jacob, are real-life boyfriends; with all the relevant pros and cons that ensue from teaming up a pair of guys who clearly know each other very well. Fortunately, any jadedness that you fear might result from them knowing each other so well is avoided by the fact that both guys are self-evidently the energetic type, who evidently have real (though not exclusive) lust for their partner.

As such, the scene is barely seconds old before they’re snogging like a pair of brazen bitches; with Andy arguably soon taking the slightly more dominant role. Indeed, anyone with at least half a sense of intuition will have gathered the roles in this duo long before Andy has started to feverishly rim out Jacob’s hungry little arse; and it’s with almost a feeling of pre-judged relief that the dark-haired buddy plonks himself down on his boyfriend’s lap and begins to ride that greatly favoured shaft for all he’s fucking worth.

What follows is a high-octane performance that displays all the benefits of being intimately involved with your fellow performer; with Andy giving his lover a real good seeing to, culminating in very sticky, open-mouthed crescendo that leave nothing to the imagination! Raw intimacy at its filthy best!

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In the staxus blog information I read some days ago that both boys are gay lovers in their real life. Cute! Fucking at home and on top infront of the camera. What lucky guys they are :-)....

Chris, 03/August/2017

Einfach Klasse Andy und Jacob. Ich denke beide haben zeitweise vergessen das sie Sex vor der Kamera haben. Für mich der beste Porno auf Staxus in diesen Jahr

dieter, 03/August/2017

I think it's a nice concept letting real life lovers bang eachother on camera. However this scene wasn't the best one, bleek action, Andy usually have high energy but not in this one. And sadly I can say that I don't find neither one of them really attractive.

biggerthebetter, 03/August/2017

Surely notre thé best clip in anything this semester...

Christbdx, 03/August/2017

Superb Youth, sweet and noble Boys so oriented in the World to aristocratic Homosexuality. Real Warriors of holy Sodomy, delicious little Lions of sacred gay Lust. Andy is pure Sweetness with the wonderful Erection of his young Virility,

Paolo Monaco, 06/August/2017

Would've been hotter if Jacob lost the shirt!

Mwhisky , 06/August/2017

paolo is 100% right

boycock, 08/August/2017

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