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Camping About, Sc.3: Cavorting Lovers Head To The Woods For An Ass-Busting Bash! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 61)
Added: 08/October/2017
Duration: 19 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


Oh, to be young and carefree! It’s as sure as fuck to be hoped that Casey Flip and Chester Owen realise that these are the best days of their life, as they play and cavort in the woods and waters of their native Czechia. But whether they do or not, one things for certain – and that’s the sight of them enjoying the joys and freedoms that only youth can ever provide is bound to attract a whole load of interest from our legion of fans. Not least of all because they look so fucking gorgeous in their lustful prime. To be honest, it comes almost as something of a sweet relief when the pair finally make it back to their tent after their energetic high jinks; at which point, of course, things quickly turn decidedly carnal, with both buddies taking it in turns to greedily feast on each other’s hairless knobs.

Given the sheer intensity of everything that’s gone before, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that the urge to move on from oral to anal quickly overtakes these lads; with Flip turning his keen eye to Owen’s tight little pucker and rimming it for all he’s worth. Moments later and he’s balls-deep inside his mate’s guts, heaving away like his very life depends on it; with director, John Smith, taking full advantage to capture a close-up view of the magnificent display. Just seeing Flip’s arse as it bounces back and forth into that pert little arse will almost be too much for most viewers to bear; but the action only gets even more intense when Flip bundles his pal up against a tree to complete the performance. All of which finds a magnificent climax when Owen gets his face splattered with cum!

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One of the hottest scenes since some time! But......bad quality video, lots of times not even standard quality!! How come? 5***** for the boys though!

bently, 08/October/2017

noble Boys. Gorgeous Chester's Ejaculation during the sacred Penetration.

PaoloMonaco, 08/October/2017

No doubt for me the best scene of the year! Hot twinks in Speedos, a hands-free cumming and hot passionate fucking A++++++

Robbie Hill, 08/October/2017

this ok tfwok

max, 08/October/2017

Hot! Hot! Hot! Great performance from two stunning boys. They are both SO sexy and give everything to make this scene wonderful. Chester has a beautiful sweet hole and it gets used for a great part of the video. His enthusiasm is boundless. As for Casey, he is wonderful and so hot in everything he does, and he certainly does perform here. Beautiful and boyish, he arouses me in a flash when he gets going. Difficult for ME to hold off to the end. HaHaHa! The quality of filming was spot on for me!

Ryan, 08/October/2017

bad quality, very poor

Thomas, 08/October/2017

This is a fine film, with two gorgeous young guys. The rimming is hot. To be perfect, the guys needed to interact a little more and kiss more deeply. Also a longer fuck in a range of positions would have been nice. But a great film.

Marcius, 08/October/2017

A separate point. Interaction between members and between members and site management is an important part of a successful site. I think if management showed that they read comments here, more members would bother to post. I realise that you would get a lot of moans, but that is just the way cyberspace is. You would also get a lot of constructive points.

Marcius, 08/October/2017

@Marcus: I am one of the members who comments almost every scene, 9 of 10 positive because this staxus stuff is so hot! I agree with you that more members should do the same :-) This clip was very hot. I like Chesters feminine behavior and at the end the cumming without using hands was very very awesome. Again, there is nothing to complain for me...

Chris, 08/October/2017

@Chris. I always read, appreciate and enjoy your comments.

Marcius, 08/October/2017

Das Rimming hier in dieser Szene ist besonders geil anzuschauen, kein Wunder dass Casey leckt wie Hund "Lassie" bei so einem geilen Arschloch wie es Chester hat. Es hätte ruhig etwas atmen können, dann hätte man die geile Poritze noch intensiver gesehen. Danach lässt er sich noch fingern und ordentlich durchficken bis er am Ende vor lauter Geilheit seinen Samen spritzen lässt; und das ohne zu Wichsen. Geil! Schöner romantischer Hintergrund, alles wirkt sehr authentisch.

Chris, 08/October/2017

One of the best scenes. Thank you. There is almost everything I love to see. Unfortunately, increasing the frame rate from 29.94 to 59.94 in this case failed. Very bad picture quality!

renda567, 09/October/2017

Would love see Casey bottoming Please

Larry, 10/October/2017

Hello dear Staxus, why don't we get an answer about the bad quality of the film!? Not polite, sorry to say. Not the uasall action from Staxus. Th e quality is still very poor!

bently, 10/October/2017

@bently & others: Just letting you know that the STAXUS staff regularly follows all your comments. Not answering to peoples' personal opinions does not mean we do not care. Concerning the "bad quality": Here on our end the film looks good, no quality issues here. Nevertheless we will see if we can fix anything or where the problem might be. Thanks a lot for your support!

Andy, 11/October/2017

I found the video a little jerky. Maybe you need a really fast computer to cope with the higher bit rate.

Marcius, 11/October/2017

Hi - we all read the comments here and try to incorporate suggestions and make improvements. we are looking into the quality of this scene which looks fine at this end - but i have suggested we re encode and re upload as a precaution. but of course we read and take seriously the comments.

steve, 13/October/2017

hi it was uploaded at the wrong bit rate - this is being fixed now - sorry for any inconveniece - i have been off sick all week - hence the slow reply

steve, 13/October/2017

No worries Steve, hope you're better now!

bently, 13/October/2017

very elegant the Ejaculation of Chester during the holy Sodomy.

PaoloMonaco, 14/October/2017

Hi Steve. I like to look at the repaired video. I did not find any improvement, the image shows signs of low bit rate. The image will partially disintegrate into cubes!

renda567, 15/October/2017

but, these noble Creatures search the Absolute.

PaoloMonaco, 15/October/2017

Paolo: your hackneyed comments are intolerably pedantic.

Thunderball, 07/November/2017

What an outstanding work of art. Beautiful boys so fully engaged in enthusiastic fellatio and buggery. The final buggery scene by the tree is a classic, especially with the mid- hands free ejaculation, And a superb act of fellatio at the end with some classic post-orgasm oral work. Well done!

Mateuzs, 14/November/2017

Ahhh, I was in Speedo & Cream heaven!

m Tourneur, 27/December/2017

This is astonishing. Feverish kissing and Speedos followed by deep, wet rimming. I'm in heaven. The kissing and missionary fucking around the 12:00 mark -- superb. That's all I need to get off, and I'm so grateful to Staxus for producing such amazing work and making it available for download.

Ty Huber, 19/February/2018

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