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Run Away, Sc.3: Buddy Gives His Running Mate An Ass-Load Of Hard Cock & Cum! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 26/November/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 36 seconds
Comments: 25


Connor Rex may have found a new running buddy in the form of new boy, Robin Rhea, but the fact remains that he will always prefer pounding pert twink rump than pounding the pavements – a fact that he’s only too eager and willing to display to the max here in this spunktastic duo! Indeed, it has to be said that the pairing give only brief lip-service to any sense of athletic prowess. A quick glimpse of the boys running through the woods, and before you know it they’re back at their apartment doing exactly what they love best – smooching like a couple of lovesick pups, before Rex falls back on the bed and his mate takes full advantage to feast on the delicious man-meat that’s stuffed inside his running pants.

As it happens, you quickly get the impression that young Rhea can’t get enough of his mate’s achingly delicious joystick; as he gobbles away in a series of positions, before Rex finally succumbs to his own inner urges and turns his keen attention to the lad’s hairless little fuck-hole. At which point, of course, it becomes painfully obvious that Rhea’s on-screen virginity is about to be cruelly bundled into history; with Rex’s energetic rimming of the delicate pucker simply a soft introduction to the no-holds-barred fucking that ensues. Not that the hot newbie has reason for any complaints, of course. This curly haired beauty is a fine fuck for sure and clearly enjoys every second of sweet violation, which only ends when Rex finally creams his arse with cum, then felches the resultant goo. All of which is nicely topped off by Rhea happily spewing into Rex’s open mouth!

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Hot frantic fucking. I loved it...

dr, 26/November/2017

Robin is so cute in his tight pants and he is hungry for cock.

georgep2, 26/November/2017

These boys are so sexy. Robin is quite new to Staxus and SO delicious. He has bottomed in both scenes he appears in, and what a find! He has an ass to die for. Beautiful hole which looks so tasty. Connor obliges with gusto and the whole scene blossoms. The bareback fucking is just great and the cum shots are superb. Robin just loves to be rimmed and fucked. His hole is on of the best.

Ryan, 26/November/2017

A beautifully crafted scene with more than a few erection inducing moments - from the passionate kissing to Robin masturbating furiously during his final moments of buggery. Connor's facialisation is a classic too, with some superb post orgasmic fellatio. Lovely!

Mateuzs, 26/November/2017

This is so erotic from very first Kiss. I love both Boys xxxxx :-)))

Pugs , 26/November/2017

This is a very fine scene; very sexy and arousing. Cumming in the arse and/or in the mouth is the best way to end a good video like this one. Robin is very cute, and his armpit hair and pubic hair make him especially attractive and appealing. In my opinion, boys look best when they look natural, and natural body hair is very sexy. I hope Staxus will find and employ more slender, pretty, boyish bottom boys with natural body hair.

Professormarvel, 28/November/2017

Beautiful, beautiful boys. Gay porn at its very best. Love the frottage and felching scenes and superb cum shots in ass and mouth. Only thing to have improved it would have been to have the pubes and asshair shaved off...

Gaz, 28/November/2017

Shaven would have been much better but the rest was very good...

Chris, 28/November/2017

Robin's pits and pubes are so erotic.

Marcius, 28/November/2017

Connor is so damn lucky to have new boy Robin. Great sucking, rimming, fucking.... Great whitewashing of Robin's gaping hole and great sucking dry of his delicious cock. Top notch wank material!

Pugsy, 29/November/2017

Lovely scene with very cute boys who are into each other for sure. X

Mark, 29/November/2017

Ass-hair and pubes is such downner.

bently, 03/December/2017

Great sexy boys but agree would be better with smooth balls and cocks and assholes

Ryan, 18/December/2017

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