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Refugee, Sc.2: Blond Cock-Bitch Gets Both Ends Filled By A Hero’s Big Weapon! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 15/February/2018
Duration: 18 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


Castles don’t have much of a reputation for being warm, inviting places, it has to be said; but that doesn’t stop Ron Negba and Lior Hod from taking advantage of their historic backdrop to strip out of their armour so that they can enjoy every meaty inch that each other has to offer. Indeed, young Negba literally cannot wait to get his hungry chops around his buddy’s very handsome ramrod – bundling Hod over a wooden bench and feasting away on every inch like his very life depended on it. It’s a showcase display that Hod himself is soon trying his best to replicate; and yet there’s simply no denying the fact that it’s Negba who’s very much the dick-lover here, as he quickly regains his favourite position between Hod’s muscular thighs and feverishly gobbles away with the kind of youthful enthusiasm that could win awards.

All of which quickly gains its well-deserved reward when Hod turns his attention in return to the fellow’s pert little arse; exposing Negba’s aching pucker to the world, and manfully rimming it in preparation for the inevitable ploughing that it’s about to receive. And boy does the horny little piggy get it – big style! In fact, Hod pulls no punches as he drills deep into Negba’s pucker for all he’s worth, providing the kind of top-notch performance that’ll have you jerking off like crazy and surely pumping out the kind of multi-squirt load that Hod himself ultimately delivers bullseye-style onto Negba’s arse! And if the sight of spunk dripping from a well-worn arse doesn’t do it for you, then seeing Negba cream all over Hod’s face almost certainly will!

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So where is the "cum in arse" part?

getitboy, 15/February/2018

the review should say onto not into. thanks for pointing that out

steve, 15/February/2018

A typo on my part - sincere apologies. This is what happens when the letters "i" and "o" are next to each other on the keyboard :-)

chris_staxus, 15/February/2018

Great rimming and fucking. Ron's ass looks delicious! The cum shot over his ass is awesome!

Ryan, 16/February/2018

Love both of them, they are so well suited to each other. Love Loir's leather gauntlets, very sexy! Deserves 5+5.

Boby, 16/February/2018

Unfortunately Ron isn`t shaved...not very attractive, the rest was ok but not on the high quality staxus offers us mostly...

Chris, 17/February/2018

Beautiful guys, both with perfect pubes.

Marcius, 17/February/2018

This is a great video scene. Ron Negba looks great with longish, floppy hair and with some of his sexy, unshaved, natural body hair left for us to admire. In my opinion, all of the Staxus models would look better if they would NOT shave their armpits and pubic hair. Natural body hair is very sexy and attractive, in my opinion, and boys with longish hair are beautiful. The cream pie and cum eating in this video are great. Another very fine video from Staxus; well done.

Professormarvel, 17/February/2018

Both guys are hot as fuck, and I prefer natural hair anyways. Besides Ron just could not look unattractive even if he tried...

R, 27/March/2018

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