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Massage Me 2, Sc.2: Big-Dicked Newbie Gets His Arse Stretched & His Face Spunked! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 15/April/2018
Duration: 34 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


Given the two-handed, hairless beauty that new boy, Joel Tamir, has stashed in his pants, it’s probably quite understandable that Lior Hod literally jumped at the opportunity to give the lad a top-to-toe massage. Indeed, whilst the fellow cannot for one moment be accused of skimping the oil on the rest of Tamir’s handsome body, there’s no denying the rich mix of anticipation and excitement on Hod’s part when he finally gets to grip with his pal’s uncut beauty; working every inch of hard flesh with undeniable relish, before jumping up onto the table so that he can slurp on the monster whilst Tamir gobbles away on his. Seeing these two beauts 69-ing away like a couple of sluts will almost certainly have you reaching for your own straining zipper, of course; and it’s a situation that’s likely to get even worse for pretty much every fan once Hod achieves his final goal and pushes his now well-greased ramrod deep into Tamir’s hungry hole.

Needless to say, whilst the newbie might be a fresh-face for the cameras, the manner with which he takes Hod’s aching knob with ease seems to suggest that this isn’t the first time he’s been taken from the backdoor; and it’s a sentiment only underlined when he rides Hod’s cock reverse-cowboy style, bouncing up and down like a bitch on heat whilst taking momentary breaks to enjoy a little ass-to-mouth. In the end, of course, it all proves just a little too much for the boy, as he squirts over himself in excitement; before Hod christens the newbie with a face-load of jizz, which the two guys promptly share with a hot smooch!

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well well....its good to be watching such an immense cutie like Joel. And when i say he is cute, I mean he is really cute ! Face, body, ass and cock: great. And he performs so good. His first pic here on Staxus makes me say this : i would kiss your neck hahahaha

Vaclav, 15/April/2018

Another cute new model appears with Joel. Where does Staxus find them all? I must say that I love this video, and Joel, as well as Lior. Joel on the couch with his sweet cock and ass exposed is a real turn on. a beautiful shaved hole which is SO inviting! Lior licks it and fucks it like the horny guy he is. The cum shots are great. Yes, this is another great model for Staxus. 5 stars yet again.

Ryan, 15/April/2018

Fer fucks sake stop wasting these facials! The pretty face needs to be lower than the cumming cock, so the jizz gets properly splattered!!!!!!

mj, 15/April/2018

I was very impressed with Joel, never would've expected such a large cock on such a cute, young looking lad. I was turned-on by the blond peach fuzz on Joel as well. Lior is always able to get my blood flowing!

Mark, 15/April/2018


pugs, 15/April/2018

Such a great video ! I was impressed and amazed by the beautiful well offered so inviting asshole of newbie Joel and the great rimming cute Lior did. Let alone the good fuck afterwards and nice cumshot. All was nice ! Joel has great future in Staxus and for next time I'd appreciate to see more of Lior's hole if possible ! Thanks to all !

Christian, 16/April/2018

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at old Staxus vids as there were two or three updates that suggested to us that Staxus was losing its mojo. Then along came Jaro and Jake – lovely - and last week we had Ron and Vittorio Vega which showed Staxus was returning to form. This scene thankfully continues that trend. Joel is a real stunner – lovely face, body, cock, ass and a beautiful shaved hole. Lucky old Lior getting to lick and fuck that gorgeous ring. Just shows how important it is to keep those old scenes and to remaster as appropriate. Obviously, we understand that not every update is going to be successful but when we get two or three baddies in a row, we need to have alternatives to keep us interested – and hard!

docmoc, 16/April/2018

joel is outstanding.more more more of him.well done

larry, 16/April/2018

Hot scene. Lior is so sexy, love his hot hairy legs, love how he fucks Joel. Joel is just fantastic - love how he loves being rimmed, fucked, and eating cum as well. Great work, great fucking guys!

Jon, 20/April/2018

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