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Cock Lovin' Home Cummers, Sc.2: Brit Red-Head Makes The Cut With A Hard, Raw Double-Dicking! HD

4.0/5 (Total votes: 47)
Added: 06/May/2018
Duration: 25 minutes, 20 seconds
Comments: 25


First things first: if you like red-heads then you are definitely in for a fucking mega-time treat with the appearance of Jasper Rhodes as Vittorio Vega and Ron Negba’s flat-mate. This handsome British ginger is not only deliciously pale-skinned, blue-eyed and sporty, but he’s also as horny as fuck – so much so, in fact, that whilst Vega and Negba make out on the sofa in the adjoining room, he reaches for a dildo and literally plonks his arse down on it to give his guts a damned good stretching. His two buddies, meantime, are busily feasting on dick like it’s going out of fashion, which in itself is almost worthy of fevered acclaim.

But it’s genuinely not until Rhodes finds himself unable to contain his curiosity and steps into the next room to make this escapade a threesome that matters turn decidedly explosive; with the copper-top immediately becoming the centre of attention for his ass-hungry colleagues, taking both their cocks in his mouth and then being promptly spit-roasted on the sofa. All of which inexorably leads to the climatic moment of the whole performance, as the two home boys shove their cocks into the Brit boy’s arsehole simultaneously – a right royal double-dicking that will almost certainly have a whole throng of fans going mental in delight. And what a fucking show-off, as Rhodes then turns things stratospheric by sitting on both shafts for the ride of his life. Little wonder that both Vega and Negba are soon blasting furiously like geysers – splattering Rhodes’ face in the process! – before the Brit yanks his big bulbous head to a multi-squirted climax!

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Three very sexy boys who give a great show. I love seeing Vittorio giving Ron's sexy hole such a wonderful rimming. A real turn on for me. The new boy Jasper is yet another great performer. He so loves a lot of big cock up his hole. He takes Ron and Vittorio's two big cocks together and it really is a great turn on. 5 stars again for this one!

Ryan, 06/May/2018

Great newcomer Jasper, but would have loved to see more of his shaved ass. These guys are all so sexy. I could have rimmed and fucked every one of them in turn. Hot!

Davey, 06/May/2018

Ron is the star here...he is so sensual... d.r.

dr, 07/May/2018

Ron is once again superb. He is natural in front of the camera, and his expressions feel very real (except he is so good looking that it's unreal tbh). I'd love to see him smile more tho! Vittorio has great ass, great dick and great cumshots. Jasper is very exotic looking and the difference in skin tones looked good in a 3some.

R, 08/May/2018

A good scene with beautiful boys. But Jasper should have used hair clippers rather than a razor with blades to trim his body hair and avoid the red spots on his ass.

Jerry, 11/May/2018

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