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Stretched To The Max, Sc.1: Whale-Sized Wonder Gets His Pert Pucker Fucked Raw & Fisted! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 82)
Added: 03/May/2018
Duration: 31 minutes, 41 seconds
Comments: 25


Cute blond twinks, big fat cocks, rimming, fisting, cum all over pretty faces – let’s be perfectly honest now, what’s not to like about this scene? For all such obvious positives, however, you might find the somewhat curious introduction – centring on an ancient Czech springtime fertility ritual – a little off-putting. It’s certainly not your usual opening salvo in a STAXUS scene, that’s for sure; but suffice it to say that it’s literally only thirty seconds before attention has firmly settled on the two stars – Joel Tamir and mega-sized newbie, Alex Whale – as they kick back in the bedroom and start to enjoy the generous inches that they have clearly both been blessed with. And boy are you in for a treat, as the lads feast on dick in all its glory for your unadulterated entertainment; gobbling for all they’re worth and clearly savouring the taste and feel of rampant man-meat.

If anything, Whale has the slight edge in size; but it’s his horned-up buddy who ultimately provides the impetus to turn this wanton suck-fest into a rampant, no-holds-barred display of raw sodomy, as he first rims and then finally fucks his way to tight-arsed ecstasy. The sight of the blond-haired new boy receiving the banging of his life in a whole succession of positions is exquisite in itself; but things turn even raunchier when Tamir replaces his cock in Whale’s arse with his fingers, and promptly proceeds to fist the fucker like an old-time pro. Given the ease with which Whale takes Tamir’s onslaught, it’s hard to view him as a noob to such kink; whilst a splurge of cum from both lads serves as a fitting climax!

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Heaven with these two hotties !. Joel is fabulous and Alex Whale is just ...heaven ! Heaven !

Vaclav, 03/May/2018

OMG, absolutely loved it, 2 beautiful guys in a well directed scene, the fisting was very sexily done and it's a definite 5 stars +++ from me. Congratulations all round.

spike69, 03/May/2018

Adorable...both of them. The fisting was amazing.

dr, 03/May/2018

Two beauties here. Both with big cocks and delicious shaved holes. Super rimming of the new boy's hole. Fisting not really my scene, just fingers inside is great for me. But I loved everything else, especially the close up licking of the sweet hole. Both boy's holes are beautiful. Yum! Yum!

Ryan, 03/May/2018

Great video. The new guy has a super big dick which is contrasting with his small cute ass and frail body. Amazing that he can do anything and can take his partner's hand like a pro. Next time he should try to give us a full juicy creampie ! Lovely clip.

Christian, 03/May/2018 schlanke körper und solche pferdepimmel, was für ein geiler kontrast...süße burschen wie aus dem bilderbuch...

Chris, 03/May/2018

New cutie Alex totally reminds me of "Johny Chery" who has been a fantastic performer here at staxus several years ago. He unfortunately left without saying goodbye :-((....but now we are enchated by these extraordinary guys who definately fit into staxus gay porn catergories. Slim, alltimes horny and horse dicks!

Chris, 03/May/2018

That was a great scene. I look forward to seeing more of Alex.

Pacrat, 03/May/2018

Hot Hot Hot super fresh boys with lovely extra big dicks, fun play plus seriously enjoyable fisting - mega hit for Staxus

josh1904, 03/May/2018

These boys are so fucking hot. I've jacked off three time watching them this morning. They are going to make me late for work...LOL Every time I think Staxus has cast the cutest twinks ever, damn if they don't find even cuter twinks...Thanks so much Staxus

dr, 03/May/2018

@dr....welcome in too. i was jerking many times watching these cuties and when I am watching their pics my pants won`t stay soft if U

Chris, 03/May/2018

Its so nice to see the fisting with the most gorgeous of Boys. Thank you John Smith.

pugs , 04/May/2018

P.S. I do miss the Golden Rain scenes, John S.???

pugs, 04/May/2018

It was like watching an exciting game of tennis for me, Joel's cock-Alex's cock, Joel's cock-Alex's cock, Joel's cock-Alex's cock! My goodness these are two, fine boys!

Mark, 04/May/2018

Yes, I know what Mark means about watching an exciting tennis match. Now let's imagine torrid sex between Rafa and young, blond Canadian ball boy Dennis Shapo...oh that's MY fantasy, sorry.

Carlxoxo, 05/May/2018

the guys are stunningly gorgeous, perfection. The action is fantastic- until the fisting. I don't understand why anyone enjoys such beautiful young men doing something which might cause them hurt or harm.

CM, 05/May/2018

I loath fisting.

dong, 05/May/2018

Two deceptively innocent looking boys who engage in sexual activity with the greatest of ease and delight. From Alex's deep fellatio techniques and the classic anilingus performed by Joel through to the ease at which Alex submits to the brachioproctic insertion right through to the masturbating of his erect penis and the final facialisation and post-orgasmic appreciation of James' beautiful lingum, this is a classic!

Mateusz, 05/May/2018

OOOOMMMMGGGG Soooooooo geil!!!!!

martinstaxus, 06/May/2018

Both boys excellent .hope to see both lots more

Larry, 06/May/2018

Finally a really HOT fisting scene. The only other one that really took the whole hand was Alexander Syden when Tim Walker did the honors. This clip was really exceptional because both guys were hot. Alex Whale really wanted more and Joel Tamir was going to give it to him. Joel has a big dick and fucks with great enthusiasm. I realize that this sort of clip is not to everyone's taste but I hope you do more FF scenes with this much genuine enthusiastic action. Five stars.

Hotface, 07/May/2018

For the really very first time I was fascinated by a (this) fisting scene. It was really wonderful because both boys have been really "in" that what they are doing. And the very best at the end was the good facial shot. One word: MARVELLOUS

Shelter, 21/May/2018

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