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Stretched To The Max, Sc.3: Ass-Hungry Gambler Dreams Up His Own Cock-Crazed New Boy! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 40)
Added: 10/May/2018
Duration: 17 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


What could be better than winning big on the roulette wheel and coming home with a handful of gambling chips? Well, what about getting a deliciously dreamy blowjob courtesy of some horny new boy, who really can’t wait to get every meaty inch of cock on offer into his mouth? And that’s exactly what’s awaiting Navon Raffi after his gambling stint, as he dreams up the fantastically energetic rookie, Victor Vittu, for the kind of dick-crazed escapade that we know is gonna go down a storm with our legion of twink-obsessed fans. In truth, neither buddy appears able to get enough of the meat on offer, taking it in turns to perform oral duties on each other; before Vittu finally gets on all fours, parts his cheeks and allows his mate to rim and finger him to a cock-straining high. But if the young newbie thinks this will be enough to satisfy a fucker of Raffi’s standing then he’s in for a big surprise.

Truth is, Raffi isn’t satisfied until he’s balls-deep in the lad’s tight little arsehole; pounding away doggie-style, before allowing the new boy to enjoy a bit of arse-to-mouth. It’s no time at all, however, before the hot, raw fornication has resumed; with Vittu clearly so desperate for penetration that he quite literally rides his arse up and down that granite shaft whilst Raffi himself stands motionless behind him. Given the sheer intensity of the moment it’s perhaps little wonder that Raffi is soon creaming his pal’s pucker in sweet appreciation, sticking his cock deep inside to ensure the lad is dripping; before Vittu pops out his own sticky load of pent-up jizz into Raffi’s tight-lipped mouth!

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Victor maybe a "newbie' to film but, he most certainly is not, to 'jacking' his Top off with his ass like a pro. My goodness, rather Navon's 'Goodness', all over Victor's ass!

Mark, 09/May/2018

Bless you John Smith.

pugs, 10/May/2018

Just love Victor, cute and hot! Liked the rimming and butt-scenes. A little less hair would have been hot, but a good scene. Just give the couch to whoever wants it.!

bently, 10/May/2018

Love the new boy Victor who clearly adores cock. Some nice fucking and sucking but shame the cocks and holes had fluff around them. Would've been good to have the fluffers doing some shaving before filming... to have nice smooth holes and balls.

Jhonny, 10/May/2018

Delicious stuff! The rimming and fucking of the sweet hole of new boy Victor is a real joy to watch. Both boys look like they are really hot for it. Yummy! And the final cum shots are just great. Navon cumming in Victor's ass, and Victor then cumming in Navon's hungry mouth is such a joy to see. Thank You so much Staxus for this hot video!

Ryan, 10/May/2018

Thank you, Staxus, and congratulations for this very fine video scene, and for finding and showing us a beautiful, new bottom boy: Victor Vittu. This scene pairs two of the most attractive models that Staxus has today: Navon and Victor. In my opinion, Victor looks great with his natural, sexy body hair. I wish Staxus would never shave or trim any of your models' body hair, but I know that tastes vary in that respect. And pretty boys getting cream pies and eating cum is the best! I hope we see a lot more of Navon and Victor. And some day Navon should be a bottom.

Professormarvel, 11/May/2018

Hot boys and lovely cum shots, especially the mouth one right at the end. Shame about the hairy balls and assholes but great film all the same.

Candy, 12/May/2018

These guys are incredible- so hot. The hairy balls and assholes make a brilliant scene into perfection.

CM, 13/May/2018

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