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Scorching threesome

4.0/5 (Total votes: 8)


Loui Eshby, Julian Tomlinson, Rico Armin

Added: 23/March/2012
Duration: 18 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


Cats, as they say, sleep anywhere – any table, any chair. Well, exactly the same rule applies to “Emos” in terms of fucking! As demonstrated very neatly here by Loui Eshby, Julian Tomlinson and Rico Armin, whose carnal instincts overcome them whilst studying in their classroom. Where the teacher is when such animalistic fervour takes hold of these boys is something that will, we suspect, remain forever the mystery; but it’s unlikely to concern you fans of horny, uncut Czech twinks for too long. Indeed, all that’s gonna be concentrating your mind is the choice between working the rewind button on your remote or working your tight fist up and down your own aching shaft! Because, let’s be honest here, these three young punks will have you doing just that, as they engage in a feverish session of hot, raw sex, before dumping the contents of their overworked balls into spunk-hungry mouths. Complete sluts, all three of them!

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gorgeous Youth, more and more gay.

PaoloMonaco, 11/October/2017

sweet Youth, more and more devoted to holy homosesual Vice.

PaoloMonaco, 11/October/2017

but in a cold mind, the spirit is winning.

PaoloMonaco, 12/October/2017

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