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Ray Rio

8 Scenes

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4.8/5 (Total votes: 91)

Model Stats:

This handsome young man would probably be the first to admit that life hasn’t always been that kind to him, and that home wasn’t always the best place to be as a child. Perhaps that explains why he enjoys anything that gives him attention. Yet it’s hard not to like the fellow, and he very quickly made friends on-set and with director, John Smith, with whom he has a natural ease. What’s more, he clearly fucking loves sex – which, when teamed up with a fine physique and a handsome cock, makes him a definite must-see in any scene!

Interesting Fact:
Ray has a thing for terrible jokes – and believe us, when a bad joke’s said in Czech it really is as bad as they come. For all that, however, he loves nothing better than to be stood in front of a captive audience, telling bad puns and dreadful one-liners. Not that you’d expect anything less from a boy who admits that he’s always been the class joker.

Date of birth:
11th March, 1998

5'11" / 181 cms

Cock size:
7.5" / 18 cm



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