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Jacob Dolce

10 Scenes

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Model Stats:

Some boys love their cars – and Jacob is definitely one of them. It’s an interest that started at a very early age – his father was a motor mechanic – and in fact he could actually drive a car long before the time he was able to legally take to the road. Not surprisingly, he’s decided to save all the money that he earns from doing porn to buy himself some amazing on four wheels – though what that’ll be exactly is something he’s keep very much to himself. Some fantasies, after all, really are best kept to yourself ...

Interesting Fact:
Jacob admits that he has a bit of a split personality. Shy and reserved whenever you first meet him or when he’s in a new situation, but a bit of a wild boy and always as horny as fuck whenever he’s discovered his comfort zone. Fortunately, it doesn’t take him long to reach that point once the cameras have started to role.

Date of birth:
17th March, 2000

6'0" / 183 cms

Cock size:
7.5" / 18 cm