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School’s Out – As Is Johan Volny’s Cock! The Result? A Raw, Spunk-Fuelled Fuck-Fest! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 21)


Finn Hornet, Dion Jet

Added: 08/March/2014
Duration: 31 minutes, 15 seconds
Comments: 25


The results are out – and it looks like all those hard-working students have truly excelled themselves in their exams. Time, therefore, for the students’ teacher, Johan Volny, to crack open a bottle of champagne for a celebratory drink, which he promptly shares with Finn Hornet, Dion Jet and Ryan Olsen. Not that the revelry is ever destined to stop with just a glass or two of bubbly, of course. Volny for one hasn’t gained a reputation as one of porn’s most prolific stars for nothing, and his trio of charges is equally hyped up for the challenge.

As a result it’s no time at all before Hornet, Jet and Olsen are eagerly stripping their mentor of his clothes; before each of the guys take turn to suck on that famous ramrod with the kind of enthusiasm that the handsome phallus deserves. As with any bunch of oversexed whores, however, you can always be assured that there’ll be one slut who’s even more charged up than the others – in this case the accolade going to Hornet, who’s soon bouncing up and down on Finn’s dick with a grin on his face from ear to ear.

What’s more, it’s a look of elation that only grows when Volny does him the honour of taking a hard raw pound at his ass. No question about it, you’re gonna be in rapture watching these three horny fuckers at play; and it’s a feeling that will only grown even more intense when Jet, Volny and Olsen start to wrap up proceedings by spewing the sticky contents of their balls all over Hornet’s face and body. Given the amount of jizz produced and the concluding winks to camera, the fun can be taken as read!

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orgiesandrimminglover, 08/March/2014

The FullHD-File is incomplete ! It ends at 19 min. Only 1.387 MB Please reupload an new file.

Seal, 08/March/2014

are you sure you have resolved your streaming issues?

jaynorth, 08/March/2014

Hi guys! Full HD file fixed and everything should be all right now!

Staxus - Andy, 08/March/2014

Can somebody tell me the name of this handsome teacher? It's a hunk and i would see more of him. Is it Finn Hornet or is it Dion Jet ? I love this scene from the first till the last second. A BIG 5/5 and in my favorite scenes. MORE OF THIS !!!

noelweets, 08/March/2014

noeltweets - the teacher is Johan Volny. Bit disappointing that only one of them did any fucking. Would have been better if he'd got nailed by all 3 raw cocks. Nice cumshots though.

Mike, 08/March/2014

I do hope we get a part two of these talented students and their handsome teacher ?

neville38, 08/March/2014

So which is Finn and which is Dion

HeidBanger69, 09/March/2014

Yes. Who is Finn and who is Dion. Please tell

ljdean, 10/March/2014

cum on guys - this is one fine Academy ( Michael Gove take note ) with the inspirational sexy handsome teacher Johan Volny leading his celebrating team of horny and handsome sex pigs - wow... gorgeous lads big dicks eh? great cock sucking and rimming too. Non stop action - fine academic achievement - five stars - clever direction with everything on display in fine perspective. Great ***** Johan keep working please you are one hot sexy dude!

eagerbrit, 11/March/2014

me again,,,,i assume the director is the brilliant John Smith -? - in mho Europe's finest and sexiest gifted director of the hottest handsomest classiest bb porn - thanks v much..

eagerbrit, 11/March/2014

whats up with all the cant watch a movie because it biffers every 3-5 seconds....i want a refund

johnnyhard69, 12/March/2014

hi - its not buffering for me and i have a poor connection here in london - so maybe you need to check your connection as all seems to be running fine at our end.

steve - staxus, 13/March/2014

who is Finn and who Dion? Both are fresh, nice and sexy! I do not see them in model gallery.....

dreamelle, 14/March/2014

Finn is the tan one with the wicked grin and a square head. Dion has the belly tattoo.

fuckworthy, 15/November/2014

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