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Staxus Classic: World Soccer Orgy 2 - Scene 2 - Remastered in HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 29)


Will Jamieson, Kamil Fox, Brice Farmer, David Darge, Tom Arnott, Bud Fraser, Ronnie Badell, Claudio Bell, Joe Kean, Jak Williams, Johan Volny, Michael Shade, Max Fonda, Romek Byrne, Mr. Rush

Added: 24/January/2017
Duration: 23 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


Some scenes are just so absolutely extraordinary that it’s almost impossible to actually write anything that adds anything to their overall value. This classic is one of those scenes. Indeed, you only have to look at the credits – a list of no less than fifteen names! – to realise that this is no run-of-the-mill production. Will Jamieson, Johan Volny, Kamil Fox – these are lads who easily made any scene worth watching on their own. Put them all together and add a whole load of other beauties and things quite simply turn stratospheric!

Plus, of course, there’s the whole genius of setting such a no-holds-barred orgy in the changing room of a gym – a place synonymous with sweat, jocks and raw masculinity – which only further adds to the intensity of the occasion. An intensity that is heightened by the fact that director Vlado Iresch doesn’t appear to bother with any trivial introductions to the main action. There’s no romantic precursors or sloppy, lingering glances between the players. Instead, it’s straight to the action in hand, with four of the gang splayed across benches so that they can start taking cock up their asses straightaway; whilst a bevy of horned-up wankers sit behind the pairings, jerking off their dicks in appreciation.

The entire spectacle is enough to get most of us charged up right from the off; and matters only get even hotter when the whole team groups up for a mass display of fornication. All of which leads inexorably to a literal tsunami of spunk being spayed in pretty much every direction; leaving faces drenched and balls drained and satisfied!

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Very good remake with excellent photography. But a bit below the usual Staxus standard.

Ryan , 24/January/2017

Hard times: this video was already released by Staxus on february 2012 as "A 15 player orgy"

Jerry, 24/January/2017

Just keep stum, 1*

bently, 24/January/2017

One of my favorite scenes ever. (Too bad some subscribers haven't caught on to the notion of bringing back old scenes with improved quality.)

fuckworthy, 26/January/2017

Omit the rubbers and everything could be so wonderful. They kill the hornyness!

Chris, 29/January/2017

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