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Bare Buff Builders, Sc.3: Beefy Blond Bud Gives His Cute Charge A Sloppy, Creamy Arse! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 43)
Added: 28/September/2017
Duration: 23 minutes, 39 seconds
Comments: 25


You don’t get a buff body like Rob Nielsen’s without spending hours and hours working out – everywhere and anywhere! – and, being a devotee to the body beautiful, it’s perhaps not surprising that he’s only too willing to show other hot young things what they need to do to muscle themselves up. Guys like newbie, German Schrei, who in terms of beef and toning is surely half the fellow that Nielsen is. All that said, it’s clear from the start of their session together that the blond-haired trainer has a very personal interest in the young twink; and it will come as no surprise that Schrei takes full advantage of the situation, stealing a kiss and then diving straight down into Nielsen’s running pants!

It’s a somewhat presumptive mood that quickly achieves everything the horny little runt was unquestionably hoping for; with Nielsen eagerly returning the oral compliment, before heading straight for the tight little virgin pucker that he knows form hard experience is quivering between Schrei’s pert butt-cheeks. At which point you just know that the newcomer’s days of sweet innocence are about to come to an abrupt end – slayed by Nielsen’s handsome, but unforgiving man-sword, which is soon thrusting itself deep into the lad’s welcoming guts. Not that the pretty pup displays the slightest element of reticence when confronted with his fate – manfully devouring the hunk’s dick in a variety of positions, before allowing his hard taskmaster to cream up his now well-worked arse-hole. Little wonder he can’t wait to work out a fine wad over his own belly to mark the session’s end!

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One of the sexiest videos ever for me. Beautifully directed. I love the new boy German. Rob is just great as always. He is perhaps the greatest rimmer I've ever seen. He just loves German's beautiful hole. I love it also and envy Rob his task. But Rob is so perfect himself in every way. He has a tremendous talent both rimming and fucking. Both boys have a beautiful cock. They keep the momentum going throughout, and keep my excitement going too! Beautiful boys, beautiful cocks, beautiful asses and yummy hole German has. 5 stars and many more!

Ryan, 28/September/2017

Geile Typen, geil zusammen gepaart. Der neue German (was für ein komischer Künstlername) ist ne geile Sau. Geil zu sehen wie sein Arschloch ab Min. 6:50 schon warum und feucht ist bevor Rob es ausleckt. Da hat er bestimmt schon ordentlich geschwitzt; wie geil es wohl riechen und schmecken muss. Auch wenn er noch so unschuldig aussieht scheint er im Bett eine Sau zu sein. Geil!

Chris, 28/September/2017

German Schrei is a sexual stunner. He has that madonna-whore look that we all find so hot. He is suitably submissive and offers all his holes to pleasure his stud. Exceptional cock, beautiful hole, sexy body: what a find for Staxus! More shots please of German's hole spread, dilated and displayed for his many admirers..... He would be perfect riding up and down on a big black cock, balls deep.

abbess, 02/October/2017

It's not a "cum in arse" scene if the top pulls out and cums on the bottom's ass

getitboy, 03/January/2018

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