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Sticky Mucky Spunktexters, Sc.4: Network App New Boy Takes A Big, Uncut Dick & A Load Of Jizz! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 54)
Added: 11/January/2018
Duration: 28 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


There was a time when people met each other at work or out partying. These days, however, young folk are just as likely to meet through one of the myriad of networking apps on the internet; allowing users to reduce their chances of a dud encounter and significantly raising the odds of a good fuck with miniscule effort. Little wonder that the likes of new boy, David Doren, and the hyper-sexy Orri Gaul are keen to make the most of such technology; and it goes without saying that the two fellows keep social niceties to the bare minimum when Gaul finally arrives at his new contact’s apartment.

In fact, the handsome visitor has barely managed to get his jacket off when Doren daringly steals a kiss – which quickly develops into something much more hardcore. Less than three minutes after walking through the door, Gaul is quite literally slurping off the young lad’s dick; with Doren promptly returning the favour with equal enthusiasm. No doubt about it, getting to know someone for the first time has rarely if ever looked so fucking hot; and the set-piece only increases in intensity when Gaul turns his eye to his new-found buddy’s hairless little fuck-hole, which he quickly starts to rim before thrusting his hard, uncut cock deep inside.

It’s a move that marks the start of a terrific, no-holds-barred fuckathon, which sees Doren pounded in a whole series of positions; savouring some fabulous ass-to-mouth interludes, before getting his pucker coated in a thick, gooey wad of hot spunk. No fucking wonder he’s soon spewing out his own appreciative blast of baby-brew in return!

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What happened to the sound??????

jay, 11/January/2018

Yea no sound(((

pugs, 11/January/2018

Another editing issue? Not any sound during all the scene

Jerry, 11/January/2018

? ... sound please :)

Kssh46, 11/January/2018

Sound is back THANKS !!! Great scene.

Jerry, 11/January/2018

Geile Filmperspektive wo man sieht wie Orris Schwanz schön tief in Davids Arsch rein und rausgleitet - herrlich. Die Boys hätten sich allerdings untenrum rasieren sollen, ist sexier. 4 von 5 Punkten

Chris, 11/January/2018

Terrible. We can never really see Orri Gaul's cock--it's always inserted into a mouth or an ass or covered by a fist. Way too many close-ups! I'm getting sick to death of that white sofa.

Richard F, 11/January/2018

Love the sounds these Boys make. Wow they are so beautiful to watch. I have given 5 stars to these two wonderful Boys who are super studs.

pugs, 11/January/2018

What white soda??? Nothing HOTTER tan a twink on his back getting fucked. Great flick. Next time maybe a bit of foot play...

dr, 11/January/2018

These two beauties are so hot. Delicious ass licking and fucking. I love them both. Orri has a fat cock and he uses it to perfection. He's a really hot top, though perhaps he would be good performing in a threesome, perhaps in the middle? Both boys got me SO hot!

Ryan, 11/January/2018

It's Pornography ? Nooo, it's Noblegraphy !!

Paolo, 11/January/2018

stunningly beautiful guys and great action

CM, 13/January/2018

Nice creaming of the asshole - but would have been better with fluffer ladies have done a shaving job round the holes

Jhonny, 15/January/2018

Wow, both guys are so nice and natural. Real boys next door. Also the hair around the holes, as in nature! David is a wonderful bottom, great how he takes the cock of his so cute Partner. Orri is just charming. Two boys who do a perfect job!

ontheway, 19/January/2018

Brilliant video and hair around the cocks and holes just enhances their beauty. I don't mind a boy's cock being partially hidden if it's in another boy's mouth or hole.

CM, 21/January/2018

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