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Refugee, Sc. 4: Keller Takes Every Curved Inch To A Mega-Blast Spunky Climax! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 01/March/2018
Duration: 20 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


The terrible tragedy of innocent people caught up in bloody conflicts beyond their control is not exactly your typical porn theme, but it’s one that director, John Smith, uses to full effect when he pitches the fates of Charlie Keller and Lior Hod against a backdrop of war and conflict in Dark Age Europe. To be fair it is a theme that could easily be transferred to a much more modern setting; and both stars give a very modern, full-on performance as they kiss and smooch on Keller’s prayer-mat, before things between them turn increasingly carnal. Not surprisingly, maybe, it’s Keller who makes the first move in that respect, diving down into his newfound lover’s crotch and greedily devouring every upturned inch of Hod’s gorgeous joystick.

It’s a move that Hod eventually replicates – engaging in a happy little game of ball-worship in the process – but it’s arguably Keller who’s the energy force in this performance, taking Hod’s tongue up his pucker before enjoying the meaty force of his mate’s shaft as it stretches the contour of his guts. Mind, with a fabulous curve like that along its length it’s no fucking wonder that Hod’s weapon seems to give so much pleasure to the horny little bitch, who gasps and writhes like a full-time slut and whose very heights of existence seem only to come when he’s bouncing up and down on his mate’s knob. Indeed, anyone doubting the ecstasy portrayed here only has to observe Keller’s truly amazing climax, which really does have to be seen to be believed; coupled with the sight of the lad signing off by gobbling on Hod’s erupting head!

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Charlie appears quite frequently these days, and I just love it. He's such an eager and beautiful boy and gives a great performance. This unusual setting is great. Loved seeing Charlie rimmed by Lior who does it so tenderly. Such moments get me highly roused. Please keep them going! The fucking is great, and the cum shots fantastic once again. 5 stars to each performer!

Ryan, 01/March/2018

Wow Charlie appears here at staxus almost in a row,one vid follows the next. He is such a horny guy and I prefer him beeing bottomed :-) Is is his unstoppable passion...go on this way. Staxus you are the best gayporn site one can ever imagine, you make horny gays like me satiesfied!

Chris, 01/March/2018

I've seen about all I can of Charlie for the next several months. Never really been one of my favorites to begin with, but seriously this is too much. Give us someone else.

Dan, 02/March/2018

Charlie can cum fill my hole anytime - what a cumshot! Also loved the "swish" of Lior's tongue around Charlie's hole. Nice to see a bit of variety in rimming as apposed to the simple licking or stabbing techniques.

docmoc, 02/March/2018

A handsome pair. I liked the opening set-up and both boys can act a little. The medieval mood was compromised a bit by the bright show-biz lighting, Charlie's haircut, and costume details like Charlie's elastic waistband. But points for trying something different, and the opening music was spot on. I think Lior Hod is perhaps the most beautiful model in the stable right now, so if you continue to use him (and I hope you do), be sure to focus on his face, those dreamy, brooding eyes, those luscious lips. I'd have enjoyed seeing much more intense eye contact between these two, and more shots with Lior looking more into or near the lens -- I'd have enjoyed the fantasy that he was fucking me and looking me in the eyes. Lior has a way to go as an on-camera talent, though. The sexual activity started off promising with some tender kissing, but never really took off for the remainder of the scene. Where was the rising action? The joy? Clothing stayed on longer than I liked, but I imagine that gold brocade tunic was a little spendy and I understand. Given Lior's tentative kissing, I didn't expect he would do any rimming at ALL, so thanks to him for giving it a go. Excellent shot at 15:54 of Charlie's perfect hole after Lior withdraws before reinserting. A charming moment at the end with some cummy kissing, but that charm and connection was missing most of the time. I can give it 3 stars. Lots of potential here, but an underwhelming final product.

Ty Huber, 03/March/2018

I'm coming to the end of a 30 day membership and I fear this may be the last NEW scene I'll get to enjoy until I return. I have to commend Staxus for their improvement in production quality, direction, and editing since I was last a member in 2015. For example, just look at how much more committed the models are to deep, thorough rimming. Enjoy the long, uninterrupted takes with consistently excellent lighting and camera work. Even controversial content like fisting, felching, ATM, and pissing are featured with exceptional aesthetic quality (I'm ashamed to admit that I'm starting to enjoy the piss scenes, only because the models are enjoying it so much). Some of this may have related to several comments I left back then, although I'd never claim to take credit. For what it's worth, though, I'm convinced that Staxus pays attention to comments, especially constructive suggestions on things they might try. Thanks again, Staxus, and I'm crossing my fingers that my password will still work on Sunday so can see one more precious scene before the door shuts tighter than Lucas Drake's ass (oh how I miss seeing it!)

Mitch_MN, 03/March/2018

One of the hallmarks of Staxus sex scenes is superb topping skills. Not just mechanical pounding away but variety in speed and penetration. That's lacking a little in this scene, but a strength of Staxus overall. I love it when the top will slow down and offer deep strokes, burying the cock to the pubes, possible even just staying fully penetrated and barely thrusting. Another shot I love is a one-stroke SLOW penetration, where the top penetrates and then goes balls-deep slowly, sensuously, all the while showing both models making eye contact and savoring the moment of full penetration. Hard and fast -- sure, it's exciting, but slow and steady wins the race. Another Staxus trademark is the withdrawal and check-in of the bottom's asshole. Perhaps a little fingering, relubricating, or just admiration of the beautiful orifice. Staxus knows that many of us love to see the asshole venerated onscreen and finds myriad ways to display assholes for our enjoyment.

MDindon, 03/March/2018

Charlie genießt es einfach das Arschloch ausgeleckt zu bekommen, dass merkt man ach daran dass es beim Rimming geil zuckt und immer leicht offen steht...und dann genießt er natürlich jeden geilen Ritt ... sobald ein Pimmel tief in seinem Inneren steckt geht er ab wie Schmitz Katze...selten so einegeile passive Schlampe gesehen. Geil!

Chris, 03/March/2018

I like the setting of this serie which give us something we don't used to see. Lior Hod is very handsome in this scene and the way he watches the reaction of Charlie is charming! This pairing works very well. 5/5

Jerry, 04/March/2018

I'll bet that Knight in the background wasn't expecting the shot of jizz Charlie sent his way! Nice video.

Mark, 20/March/2018

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